Yay for a Year Round Yellow Christmas Tree

Ever wanted to keep a Christmas tree up year round?  No one ever said that tree had to be green.  Might I suggest decorating a yellow Christmas tree.  Perfect for summer (think pineapple), fall, Mother’s Day and yes of course Christmas.  I also love the versatility of a smaller tree for year round decorating, think 4 ft.  This way you don’t have to give up too much real estate in your house, but you can still be festive and fun.  Because really if a year round yellow Christmas tree does not say festive and fun, I don’t know what does.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post but I am the brand ambassador for Treetopia.  As in they gave me my beloved yellow Christmas tree and I get paid to talk tree. 

Yellow tree decorated for Mardi Gras by Jennifer Perkins

Mardi Gras Tree

Even if you could not make it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras you can always bring the French Quarter to you when you decorate your yellow Christmas tree.  DIY ornaments covered in Mardi Gras beads, tiny crowns and disco balls complete the look.  

Kitschy yellow Christmas tree and vintage Santa blow-mold by Jennifer Perkins

Colorful Yellow Christmas Tree

Yes of course a yellow tree works perfectly when decorating for Christmas, or shall I say kitschmas.  Go beyond green this year and try a rainbow of colors including your very own yellow Christmas tree.  Honestly, this cutie might be one of my favorites!  Oh and check out how to make your own vintage flower brooch Christmas tree over on DIY Network.

Yellow Christmas tree decorated for Mother's Day with flowers and tea pots by Jennifer Perkins

Mother’s Day Tree

Show mom how much you love her by decorating an entire yellow tree with a mommy and me tea party theme.  Colorful floral tea pots and tea cups have been turned into vases for faux flowers to adorn this fun tree.  Not just for mom, this tree would be adorable anytime of the year.  More over on the Treetopia blog.

60's Inspired yellow Christmas tree.

Kitschmas Tree

Hark the Harold angels sing – it’s another yellow Christmas tree.  Yellow is a diverse color when it comes to Christmas.  This year I paired it with a few of my vintage kitsch Christmas angels.  Almost all of the ones in the tree were blonde and that matched the yellow tree enough for me!

White, yellow and orange Christmas tree grouped together for a Halloween candy corn forest by Jennifer Perkins

Candy Corn Tree Forest

If you can’t score a Candy Corn Halloween Tree like mine, making a candy corn forest is the next best thing.  All you need is an orange, white and yellow Christmas tree.  From there it is all about the decorations to bring the look together.  Don’t forget the DIY doll part Halloween ornaments.

Yellow Christmas tree decorated to look like a giant pineapple.

Yellow Pineapple Tree

If you like pina-coladas and decorating year round Christmas trees – this is the one for you.  A yellow Christmas tree is easily turned into a giant pineapple with the help of black yarn, pompoms and a bit of foliage.  More pineapple Christmas tree on the Treetopia blog.

Cluster of colorful kitschmas trees with vintage ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Colorful Holiday Decor

Put a twist on traditional Christmas colors by throwing a yellow (and teal and pink) Christmas tree into the mix.  I love groupings of various sized faux colored kitschmas trees.  It’s like a wee little forest covered in vintage ornaments.  Check out this tree and more over on HGTV with my post How to Put a Colorful Twist on Your Holiday Decor.

Christmas tree decorated for Valentine's Day with red, pink and purple ornaments.

Be My Valentine

Sure I worked the traditional pink and red into this Valentine’s Day tree, but it is the unexpected element of yellow that really makes you fall in love.  Try un-expected color combinations for all the holidays, and never underestimate the power of yellow tree.


Christmas trees decorated for fall with DIY scarecrow ornaments.

Falling For Fall Trees

If there was ever a season for a mini faux Christmas tree forest it is fall.  Bust out the pinecones, giant acorns and DIY scarecrow ornaments.  How cute would these fall trees be at Thanksgiving as a photo booth station!

Yellow Christmas tree decorated to look like a pencil tree.

Back to School Yellow Pencil Tree

School starting is a holiday for some people – whether you’re sad or jumping for joy this fun yellow pencil tree decorated to look like a giant #2 pencil will help either ease your pain or help you celebrate.

Rams themed yellow Christmas tree for the Super Bowl 2019

Rams Themed Super Bowl Christmas Tree

Is your favorite sports team yellow?  Like were you rooting for the Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl?  Well don’t forget to decorate a themed Super Bowl Christmas tree to match!

Year round decorating ideas for a yellow Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins

Feeling inspired yet?  Every day has a holiday you could decorate for and there is a yellow Christmas tree out there in the world calling your name!



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National Thrift Store Day – I told you there was a holiday somewhere you could decorate a tree for.  What better way to show off all those thrift scores than on a Christmas tree!

Purple Halloween tree with vintage monster masks by Jennifer Perkins

Purple Halloween Tree – I’m kinda in love with my lavender Christmas tree.  So far it looks great for Christmas and Halloween!  Can’t wait to see what other holidays it works with.

How to decorate an ice cream tree.

Pink Ice Cream Tree – During the dog days of summer a pink Christmas tree decorated with an ice cream theme might be just what the doctor ordered.







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