Adorable DIY Scarecrow Ornaments for a Fall Orange Christmas Tree

Nothing says fall quite like an orange Christmas tree.  Don’t believe me, just keep reading.  Pair that orange tree with a brown and yellow Christmas tree and you have some serious autumn decor magic happening.  Once you have the perfect fall tree trifecta all you need now are some DIY scarecrow ornaments.

DIY Scarecrow ornaments for a fall tree by Jennifer Perkins

Well hello there adorable scarecrow ornament.  Don’t you look sassy atop that fall themed tree.  Oh what’s that you say?  You’re super duper easy to make too?  Let’s tell em how it’s done Mr. Scarecrow.  Oh and is this post SPONSORED?  You bet your booty it is because I am the Treetopia brand ambassador.  All opinions are my own and I do love me some colored Christmas trees (especially orange artificial Christmas trees).  OK enough of the legal mumbo-jumbo let’s get to the DIY part already.

How to decorate trees for fall.

Let’s start with some back story before we get to the scarecrow ornament DIY.  Why decorate just one tree for fall when you could decorate three?  I happen to think that the Chocolate Truffle Potted Tree, Treetopia Basics Orange Tree and the Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree all look pretty groovy together.



  • Round Ornaments
  • Craft Glue
  • Paint Pen
  • Round Sponge Brush
  • Pink Craft Paint
  • Googly Eyes
  • Burlap
  • Rafia
  • Quilting Scraps
  • Buttons
  • Felt


The first thing I did was add raffia for hair on the DIY scarecrows.  I used a natural color raffia and cut it so that they scarecrow had somewhat of a bob.  I even gave them bangs.  The pieces do not have to be even.  Actually the more uneven the better.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the raffia hair to the wooden ornaments.



Once your scarecrows have hair cut two triangles of burlap and glue them on as hats.  You can embellish the hats anyway you want.  I used vintage quilting yo-yos, fabric scraps and buttons.  Use a hot glue gun to attach.  I adore the way these guys look on my orange tree.  I’ve decorated this baby for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Superbowl and Fall.  Who knew that an orange tree was so versatile.  It’s all about the ornaments people.



Add google eyes to your scarecrows and an orange felt nose with glue.  Use a round sponge brush for the cheeks.  Use a black paint marker to make a dashed line mouth and even lashes if you want.  How you embellish your scarecrow is completely up to you.


I based the design of these ornaments on these adorable vintage scarecrow dolls I picked up a flea market a few years back.  Funny when I bought them I knew the would be perfect on a fall tree or wreath and I was so right!  I love this guys next to my Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree.  This tree has been amazing for  Valentines Day, Christmas and now now Fall.  I used to say I hated canary yellow, but now I love it.

Fall themed Christmas trees by Jennifer Perkins

Surround your fall tree vignette with some oversized acorns and quilted teal pumpkins and your all set! Pop over to the Treetopia blog to see even more pictures!


Want more fall inspiration?  Keep reading.

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  1. Lisa Silfwerbrand

    Jen these are just stinking adorable and so much fun! I love the colours and they are perfect for brightening up a dark corner. So cute! Thank you so much for linking them up to our Inspiration Galore Project Party. You are one of my Features tomorrow over at Pinned and shared as well. Happy Fall 🙂

    • Jennifer

      Thank you so much Lisa! I had so much fun making them. Can’t wait to see your post thanks for including me!


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