The Creepiest Halloween Tree Ornaments Ever – Made From Doll Parts

Dolls are not necessarily creepy, but when you start using doll parts and plastic snakes and flies things get weird.  It’s Halloween – if there was ever a time to get creepy and weird with vintage doll part Halloween ornaments it’s now.  Plus there is not a giant market for Halloween ornaments to decorate your Halloween tree so sometimes a crafty girl with a box full of doll parts has to take matters into her own hands.

Creepy Halloween ornaments made from broken dolls by Jennifer Perkins

Not just vintage doll parts – dolls getting cooked.  Remember it’s Halloween people!  Plus I recently stole these wee vintage toy kitchen pieces from my mother so I was itching to use them.  The little pots and pans made the perfect base for these creepy Halloween doll part ornaments.

Halloween tree with creepy doll part ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

As with most of my craft projects – this baby is quick and easy.  Like it might take longer for your hot glue gun to heat up than it does to make one.  The trickiest part is collecting all the doll parts.  Even if you don’t have a bin of vintage ones like I did a quick trip out to thrift should hook your up.

Doll part ornament supplies by Jennifer Perkins


  • Small Dolls
  • Plastic bugs and snakes
  • Batting
  • Toy cooking dishes
  • Accents (glittery balls)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
Doll part ornaments for Halloween trees by Jennifer Perkins

These are one of those projects that there is no real step 1, step 2 and so on.  Just start stuffing and gluing.  The batting is the key.  Not only does it give the illusion of a foamy broth it also helps as filler in the pots and pans.  I stole mine from a  couch cushion with a hole.  You could maybe use cotton balls too.

Creepy Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Dolls with missing eyes or cracked heads get bonus points for extra creepy action!  The occasional lid glued on cocked to the side is fun too.  You want it to look like these ornaments are doll stew.  Think about the witch it Hansel and Gretel.

Doll parts in measuring spoons Halloween tree ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

I even made some mini versions with an old set of measuring spoons because duh, why wouldn’t I!

Doll part ornaments for a Black Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Too creepy for you or just right?  My kids are not disturbed or phased and to me these are less creepy than some of the bloody zombie things I see at the store.  I like to juxtapose all my creepy with a wink and a smile (plastic purple flies) and that seems to tone things down for me.


Want more doll parts Halloween inspiration?  Keep reading!


Collection of doll heads used as planters for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Doll Head Planters – I made these doll head planters as part of a Halloween Horticulture series over on DIY Network.  Just don’t let the kids see you giving their old dolls a lobotomy.

Hot Pink Halloween tree with vintage dolls by Jennifer Perkins

Hot Pink Halloween Tree – Remember what I was saying about juxtaposition?  Somehow this hot pink Halloween tree takes the edge off all those creepy vintage dolls staring back at you.

Halloween doll wreath by Jennifer Perkins

Doll Parts Halloween Wreath – Who knew doll parts were so versatile when it came to Halloween!  Check out this wreath I made for DIY Network if you don’t believe me.



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