Decorate For Back to School With a Yellow Pencil Tree

School starts soon – time to make some DIY backpack charms, gather the back to school photo props and of course decorate your #2 yellow pencil tree!  Don’t have one yet?  All you need is a yellow Christmas tree and a few quick crafty additions and your back to school decor is ready for action.  Oh and calling all teachers, how cute would this tree be in your classroom!  

Please note this is a sponsored post with Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador, but all opinions are my own.

Yellow Christmas tree decorated to look like a pencil tree.

Decorate For Back to School With a Yellow Pencil Tree


This tree could not be more simple to decorate.  The yellow tree is the star of the show.  A few minor handmade additions finish out the complete sharpened pencil Christmas tree look.

  • Yellow Christmas tree
  • Silver bucket
  • Pink spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Green ribbon
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Craft cone
  • Tan paint
  • Black paint

Craft cone painted to look like a pencil tip on a yellow tree.

Pencil Lead Christmas Tree Topper

The tree topper on this yellow pencil tree is really what gives the whole thing that pencil look.  Use a pointy craft cone for the lead.  Paint the entire thing tan, allow to dry completely.

When the tan or wooden part of your pencil is dry add the lead by painting the tip black.

Stick on the top of your yellow tree.

How to Decorate a Back to School Pencil Tree Video

Did I mention there is a video version of this entire thing?  Ya know, in case the make a pencil lead topper and eraser base part is not crystal clear 😉 Either way it’s a fun quick video of the yellow pencil tree.

Silver bucket painted pink with green ribbon to look like a pencil eraser

Pencil Eraser Bucket Tree Base

So now you have the pencil lead, it is time to make the pink eraser at the other end using your silver bucket.  You can find these buckets or pails at the craft store or hardware store.

Tape off the top layer with painters tape.  Take outside and spray with pink spray paint.  Remember several light coats with drying time in-between is always the way to go with spray paint.

Once the paint is dry using a hot glue gun add some green ribbon to the bucket.  Use an actual pencil as your design guide.

Back to school homework station with a yellow pencil tree

Once you have this cutie up homework should be a breeze!  Can you imagine the first day of school pictures next to this guy.  Oh and like I said – hey teachers… I think your classroom needs this.  I’m adding back to school pencil trees to my list of year round yellow Christmas tree ideas.

DIY glitter pencil shoes by Jennifer Perkins

As a side PSA – please be sure to also make yourself a pair of glittered DIY pencil shoes to wear while you are decorating your new back-to-school tree.  I do love a good theme.

5 Responses to “Decorate For Back to School With a Yellow Pencil Tree”

  1. Emily

    This is super cute! I’m going to share it with my teacher friends. Thanks for joining our Merry Monday party; I’ll be including your pencil tree in my Features next week! We’d love for you to come by and share another project or two!

  2. Shirley Wood

    I love your silent movie video! Such an easy and fun decoration for Back To School! It should be in the entry way of every school! See ya at Merry Monday. On my way to check out Treetopia!


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