DIY Rainbow Soap Popsicles

Find me a dirty kid who could refuse one of these DIY Rainbow Soap Popsicles.  I dare you.  They look good enough to eat, but I promise they will get you squeaky clean and not taste very good.  Not only that, these soap pops are crazy easy to make.  No really I mean like if you have a microwave and access to the craft store you are good to go.

How to make rainbow soap popsicles.

PLUS – even if you never ever use them they look really cute sitting in your guest bathroom next to those special hand towels no one is allowed to really use.

Think the soap pops are cute, just wait until you see the end of my latest video for DIY Network – DIY This with Jennifer Perkins.  There is an added unicorn horn soap pop!  Read on for more soap tips!

Soap making supplies


  • Clear Glycerin Soap
  • Soap Color
  • Popsicle Mold
  • Craft Sticks
  • Alcohol
  • Spray Bottle
  • Microwave
  • Knife and Cutting Board
  • Small Microwave Safe Bowl
Use a cutting board to cut soap cubes.

Can we take a minute to talk about how cute my new cutting board from Daiso is.  Ok thanks.  ANYWAY the glycerin soap comes in a giant block ready to be cut into smaller cubes.  Each colored layer took about 2 cubes for 4 popsicles.

Melt glycerin soap in microwave safe dish.

Follow manufacturers instructions for melting and dying your soap.  Most soap colors come in sets of three.  I bought the primary package so I could mix colors and make the rainbow.  Also, if you want to add scent now is the time. In a nut shell – nuke for 15 seconds, stir in color, pour.

soap in popsicle molds.

Allow time for each layer to cool before adding the next color to avoid bleeding.  Also this is where that rubbing alcohol comes in.  Put the alcohol in a spray bottle.  Spritz each layer to pop excess bubbles and to also make sure each layer of soap sticks together.

Kids love soapsicle soap pops.

After the orange layer starts to congeal add a popsicle stick.  Keep an eye to make sure the stick stays straight and centered.  Continue pouring each layer until the mold is full and you’ve reached Roy G. Biv perfection.  Pop the mold into the freezer for 30 minutes or so.  Boil a pot of water.  Quickly dip the mold in the water to release the soap pops.

Popsicle shaped rainbow soap.

The hardest part about this DIY is reminding the kids that these popsicles are soap and you can’t eat them.  Trust me, I’ve caught my lot sniffing at them more than once just to double check.  Are you suddenly feeling like you need a bath or that your hands might need washing?  Ya I thought so.  Oh and check out these Rose Petal Bathbombs!

DIY Rainbow Soap Popsicles by Jennifer Perkins


Want more popsicle inspiration?  Sure you do, who wouldn’t.

How to make frozen popsicles from paint.

Paintsicles – Just in case you did not have enough fun tormenting your kids with soapsicles, try paintsicles.  Kid’s paint freezes up nice and hard.  That is all left to do is wait for inspiration to strike and a sunny day.

Chalk popsicles in red, white and blue for 4th of July craft.

No Freezing Required DIY Chalk Bomb Pops – Popsicle molds are good for more than just making soap.  You can use them to make chalk popsicles too.  Le duh.

Popsicle Bomb Pop applique shirt.

Bomb Pop Shirt – Popsicles make great appliqués and I know from experience.  Especially glittery ones!

Have fun!



16 Responses to “DIY Rainbow Soap Popsicles”

    • Jennifer

      One time I gave soap as a party favor and one of my guests later told me they thought it was candy and tried to eat it. If you give it as a gift label it clearly. I learned that the hard way!

  1. Smiling Notes

    This is such a cute and fun idea! I’m definitely going to share your post with my sister who has a 3-year-old 🙂 Thanks for joining us at the family Joy blog lin up party! Pinned 🙂

  2. Pauline Molinari

    I’m stopping by from the Monday Funday Party and absolutely love your creative soap idea! What a fun project! Thanks for sharing with us this week! XO

  3. Marie

    These are so much fun! They would be great for kids who don’t like taking the time to wash their hands. I love them. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  4. Debbie

    Love these! Want to make them with my niece and nephew so i tried a batch first. They were super easy to make and looked great but i had difficulty getting them out of the mold. I kept them in the boiled water 15 secs and then they released but half lost their sticks in the process. I will definitely try again

  5. Jane @ Modern Housewives

    That is so cool, thank you for sharing! I showed it to my daughter, she is 5 and a big fan of rainbows and DIY projects, I think this will turn into her favourite soap and we’ll have to start producing it now. We’ll also check out some of your other projects, they seem awesome.


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