DIY Striped Pumpkins For a Halloween Candy Corn Tree

I have a candy corn tree for Halloween and I love it almost as much as my children.  OK, maybe not that much but when I look at this beauty I swell up with pride like the day I gave birth.  A tree this glorious deserves it’s own DIY ornaments – enter black and white DIY striped pumpkins.

Christmas tree that looks like a giant candy corn

Candy corn trees are surprisingly versatile.  Sure, they work best for Halloween but they can be decorated several different ways – Trust me I know.  This version of the candy corn tree might be favorite covered with DIY striped pumpkins for ornaments and a few of my vintage Halloween masks.  

Halloween tree at night next to a mid-century green couch

DIY Striped Pumpkins For a Halloween Candy Corn Tree

I did a mix of yarn garlands, Meri Meri paper goods, black ornaments, vintage Halloween masks, bats and of course these DIY Halloween ornaments?

Did I mention how easy these striped Halloween pumpkins are to make?

How to stripe pumpkins for a Halloween tree.

Supplies for Making DIY Striped Pumpkins

  • Half pumpkins
  • Black washi tape
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Awl or drill for making holes

Bat tree topper on a Halloween tree.

Step 1 – Add Stripes to the Pumpkins

You can buy ready made half pumpkins at the craft store.  So genius!  Using washi tape (or electrical tape) add stripes to your pumpkins.  How far apart you want your stripes is totally up to you.  Also, the nice thing about washi tape is that if your lines are not straight you can easily start over.

Mid Century Room Decorated for Halloween

Step 2 – Poke Two Small Holes in Each Striped Pumpkin

Using an awl or drill make two small holes at the top of your pumpkin.  You might be able to nestle your pumpkin halves into the tree without this stuff.  Also, if you are adding stripes to a full pumpkin for a Halloween decoration no need for holes at all!

Step 3 – Wire Your Striped Halloween Pumpkins

Use pipe cleaners (or wire) to make loops in each hole.  This will be how you attach the striped pumpkins to your candy corn tree.  Just like you hang an ornament on a tree, hang your new DIY black and white striped pumpkins.

Halloween tree that looks like candy corn covered in striped pumpkins

I told you that was going to be easy.  Oh the joys of crafting with faux pumpkins.  These striped pumpkins look great sitting on a shelf or nestled in a candy corn tree for Halloween.  What do you think?  Are you going to try making a few yourself?


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    Wow! I love your Halloween tree! The bat tree topper is extra awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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