Boho Coiled Rope Bowls & DIY Painted Dishes for the Eclectic Home

How to make your own coiled rope bowls by Jennifer Perkins

Love the look of boho bowls galore, but not the color options or price tags?  You’re in luck!  I’ve got a DIY coiled rope bowl project that is not only supah’ dupah’ cheap you can also make it in any color or pattern your heart desires!  The oversized rope bowls are great for putting out of coffee tables, placed on the etagere in the perfectly styled eclectic home or even hung as a gallery wall of colorful baskets.  So many options and ideas!

Did you happen to catch the episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins where I made these fun rope bowls?  If you learn better via video, give it a watch to see all the different coiled bowls I made.  In the video I shared several fun and colorful options.  Here I’m going to be showing you how to paint your own bowl.

How to make a DIY rope bowl by Jennifer Perkins


  • Clear plastic serving trays from the thrift store
  • Cotton laundry rope
  • Sponge brush
  • Craft glue
  • Fabric paint
  • Marker
  • Clothespins
How to add rope to a bowl by Jennifer Perkins

Step 1

Coat the dish using a sponge brush with slow drying craft glue like Tacky Glue.  Starting at the center of the bowl coil your laundry rope until the entire bowl is covered.  Circular bowls are easier, but with a little strategic cutting and gluing you can also do oval dishes.

How to make your own DIY rope bowl by Jennifer Perkins

Step 2

When you get to the edges of your dish use clothespins to hold the rope to the bowl.  Allow to dry completely.

How to design your own trendy rope bowl by Jennifer Perkins

Step 3

Using a marker draw a pattern onto your dried rope bowl to paint.  If you are extra awesome you can also freehand the pattern and skip this step.

How to make a coiled rope bowl.

Step 4

Fill in with fabric paint and allow to dry completely.

How to make a painted boho rope bowl by Jennifer Perkins

The patterns, colors, styles and trims for your bowl are endless with this technique.  You can combine more than one technique like using white cotton laundry line to paint and colorful diamond braid rope.  Add a wrap of yarn to colorful yarn for an extra pop of color.  Trim it in velvet, add a pompom – what will you do with your bowl?

DIY Coiled Bowls by Jennifer Perkins

Want more bowl ideas?  Keep reading!

How to make an egg shaped dish into a pineapple.

Pineapple Dish – With the right shaped dish and yellow cording a pineapple ring dish is just a hot glue gun away.

DIY coiled rope bowls by Jenifer Perkins

Yarn Wrapped Bowl – Try adding yarn wrapping to your coiled rope dish for a pop of extra color and texture.  These look perfect on your well styled coffee table or sitting in your etagere.

Popsicle stick DIY dish.

Popsicle Stick Bowls – Popsicle stick crafts never looked so chic.








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