Stenciled DIY Halloween Monster Ornaments

No-Sew Felt Monster Ornaments in Various Colors

It is almost time for Halloween and that means time to do the Monster Mash.  Not much of a dancer?  Don’t worry I’m not either, but I do have this thing for crafts.   Let’s show our monster love with some fun DIY plush monster Halloween ornaments instead of a dance.  Classic monsters like Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein and The Mummy are all transformed into wee stuffed felt ornies perfect for your Halloween tree.

Purple Halloween tree with DIY monster ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

How to Make Stenciled DIY Halloween Monster Ornaments

What’s that?  You don’t have a Halloween tree up yet?  Well lucky for you it is not too late!  I first shared these DIY Monster Ornaments over on the Treetopia Blog where I also just so happen to be their brand ambassador. Yup that is a sponsored link and I was paid for this post and given a free tree.  However, all opinions are my own and it’s not like they paid me to obsess over Halloween I did that way before.  Amazing photo by Jennifer M Ramos.

Classic monster stencils by Stencil1


  • Stencil1 Classic Monster Stencils
  • Black craft paint
  • Stencil brush
  • Craft felt
  • Scissors
  • Batting
  • Pompom fringe
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Yarn

Painting a Halloween stencil onto felt by Jennifer Perkins

If you want to use brown felt for your werewolf or black and white for your mummy, you do you.  I like my Halloween with a wink and a smile so I opted for colorful craft felt.  PLUS it’s what I had one hand.  Using a dry brush technique stencil onto your craft felt.  What this translates into is the less paint the better.  You have a way better chance of messing up your stencil using too much paint.

Classic horror movie monsters stenciled onto felt for Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Stencil as many ornaments as you plan on using.  Allow paint to dry completely.

Pieces of felt Frankenstein monster Halloween ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Cut out your felt monsters.  Feel free to get precise, I however am not that kind of crafter.  Using another shade of craft felt cut out the same size of felt for the back of the ornaments.

Add pompom fringe to one piece of the felt Halloween ornament

Using hot glue add pompom fringe to one piece of the felt.  This step is obviously optional, but for me ball fringe is always a must.

Start closing the ornament in preparation for stuffing.

If you would prefer to sew these ornaments – more power to you.  I instead used my trusty hot glue gun to seal up the felt pouches leaving an opening for stuffing.

Stuffing felt Halloween ornaments with batting.

Fill with just enough batting to make the ornaments puffy, but not overstuffed.  Use more hot glue to seal.  Right before closing the last hole on the tippy top of the monsters head add a small loop of yarn for hanging.

Purple Halloween tree with vintage monster masks by Jennifer Perkins

I mean come on – what’s not to love about this Halloween tree.  It’s not too scary, it’s colorful and there are craft projects involved.  That is my kinda Halloween!  Which monster is your favorite?  I’m waiting for a Creature from the Black Lagoon stencil.

Easy no-sew DIY Felt Halloween tree monster ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

I’m kinda in love with how cute these dudes are!  It’s all thanks to the rad stencils from Stencil1.  I’ve been using Ed’s stencils for just about as long as he has been making them!  Like really his stencils we’re involved in my onesie making baby shower for my first child!  I’ve stenciled feathers on dreamcatchers, headphones on bibs, Christmas trees on ornaments, cinderblocks for pool umbrella weights and one time I even used stencils to make my own fabric for a mommy and me skirt!

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Day of the Dead wreath with stenciled sugar skulls

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Canisters wrapped in yarn to look like monsters

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