My Favorite PomPom Wreath of All Time!

A hot pink wreath covered in yarn pompoms.

This pompom wreath may be my favorite wreath of all time.  No really, I mean it.  I’ve known and made a lot of wreaths in my time but I’ve got a serious crush on this hot pink pompom covered beauty.  As you know me and pompoms kinda have a thing going on.

I’m not talking cheap acrylic craft store pompoms (sure there are some of those on this wreath too) I’m talking multi-colored scrumptious yarn pompoms.  There are pompoms in several different color ways and shapes on this wreath.  The only thing that is constant is the hot pink, white, moss green and okre yellow color palette.  Makes me feel groovy.  I’ve got an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins all about making pompoms PLUS a blog post with 8 Ways to make a Pompom.

How to decorate a wreath with pompoms.

More than just pompoms – this wreath also has a living element.  OK, well faux living.  There are green colored succulents and ochre yellow clumps of moss.  I wanted the wreath to work for spring and the yellow, green and white popped against the hot pink Treetopia wreath.  The whole thing is inspired by a gorgeous wreath I saw in Mollie Makes Magazine.

Hot pink wreath full of pompoms.

Over on the Treetopia Blog (sponsored) I’m sharing more about my new favorite pompom covered wreath.  I may never take it down either that or try to figure out how to make it work for Halloween and Christmas!

***Please note I was compensated and given free supplies for this wreath.  However, all opinions (including the part about how hard I love this wreath) are my own.***


Want more pompom fun?  Sure you do.

Hot Pink and Orange Groovy Holiday Mantle – Apparently multi-colored pompoms are a theme in my life.  If ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Try and tell me they don’t look amazing on my 2016 Christmas Mantle.

Halloween mask inspired by vintage Ben Cooper masks.

Ben Cooper Inspired Mask – I love vintage Halloween masks.  Like a lot.  However, they can get spendy so sometimes I have to make my own.

Tea Set Bouquets – This tree was for Mother’s Day, but these tea cup flower and pompom arrangements are adorable year round.

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