Green So Real: My Artificial Tree Faves From Treetopia

I love a colorful Kitschmas tree more than most, but I gotta tell ya there have been more than a few artificial green Christmas trees that have really made my heart go pitter patter through the years.  I know, I know you thought I only had eyes for pink, yellow or orange Christmas trees.  Nope, here are a few of my favorite artificial green trees from Treetopia.

Yup, this is a sponsored post but really I promise I loved all these trees before I was paid to as their brand ambassador.

Gorgeous green Christmas tree covered in jewel toned ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Green so Real: My Artificial Tree Faves From Treetopia

Oh the gorgeous Portland Pine Christmas Tree it’s hard to beat the realistic gorgeous of this tree I decorated for the 2016 Treetopia Design Council.  Green trees are so neutral and work great with new and vintage ornaments, pastels or brights and minimalist or maximalist designs. I’m just gonna let you guys guess which direction I tend to lean.

P.S. Pop over to DIY Network to learn how to make a no-sew vintage inspired felt Christmas tree skirt.

Slim Spruce Christmas Tree from Treetopia by Inspired by Charm

Gradient Rainbow Christmas Tree – Inspired by Charm

How many times have you seen this gradient rainbow Christmas tree from Inspired by Charm on Pinterest and drooled over it?  I know I have more than once.  I’m still drooling over this Treetopia Slim Spruce Christmas Tree covered in rainbow ornaments now.  Gorgeous example of how to bring the color to an artificial green Christmas tree.

Flocked Christmas tree with green and gold ornaments

Chartreuse and Gold Christmas Tree – Katrina Sullivan

Maybe the gradient rainbow look is too much for you and your thinking you might like to stick to just a couple of colors with your green artificial Christmas tree.  Check out this gorgeous chartreuse and gold Christmas tree from Katrina Sullivan.  I love the way the Treetopia Frosty Flocked Tree looks with this shiny mirrored ornaments in Katrina’s clean lines modern home.

Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree

Frosty Flocked Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Tree

What’s that you say?  Love a flocked Christmas tree?  Ya, me too.  Here is my spin on the Treetopia Frosty Flocked Christmas tree.  Again, I busted out my collection of vintage Santa Claus dolls and figurines (this collection keeps growing, wait until you see this year’s 9 ft tall pink Christmas tree covered in them).  All the details and more pictures here on How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree with a Vintage Santa Doll Collection.

P.S. If you look really closely at the tree you can see the DIY embroidered portrait Christmas ornaments I made!

Elegant Noble Fir Christmas tree in a dining room

Chicmas Woodland Elegance Christmas Tree – Nissa Lynn Interiors

If I decided to leave the kitsch, maximalist, colorful life behind I’d decorate fabulous Christmas trees like this Woodland Elegance from Nissa Lynn Interiors.  Her dining room is gorgeous and impeccably styled.  The tree in the corner is the icing on this elegant cake.  The Treetopia Noble Fir Christmas Tree never looked better.

Biltmore Pine Christmas Tree

Traditional Style Christmas Tree – Flamingo Toes

If this is Flamingo Toes version of traditional than I am pretty sure we could be friends.  I love everything about the way she decorated her Treetopia Biltmore Pine Christmas Tree.  I’m a huge fan of mixing styles, colors and textures with everything – including Christmas trees.  This adorable artificial green Christmas tree is the perfect combo of new and vintage looking ornaments, shiny and handmade, soft and hard.  Then that metal tree skirt – squeal.

Slim Christmas tree in a tiny house

Tiny House Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but I can even go subtle from time to time.  It hurts a little bit, but I can do it – just check out this Tiny House Christmas (even more pictures over on DIY Network).  I didn’t have a choice but to use something like a Treetopia slim No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree and go light on the ornaments.

P.S. Wanna know how to make your own DIY sweater ornaments and tree skirt?

Green Christmas tree with a farmhouse chic theme

Little Drummer Boy Inspired Christmas Tree – Farmhouse Chic

What a clever vintage sheet music craft project!  This Little Drummer Boy Inspired Christmas Tree by Farmhouse Chic hits all the right notes.  The gift wrapping, the styling of the room (I love that mannequin form) everything comes together to accent her Treetopia Alexander Fir Christmas Tree perfectly.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with vintage Santa Claus dolls.

Vintage Santa Collection Covered Oh Christmas Tree

Where is a girl to put her vintage Santa collection?  In her Oh Christmas Tree from Treetopia of course.  Apparently I love a good Santa covered Christmas tree because I’ve got one up already this year!

P.S. Ever debated a Tuxedo Black vs. Artificial Green Christmas Tree?  I weighed the options for you.

Green Christmas tree with snowflakes and poinsettia flowers

Rustic Chic Christmas Tree – The Latina Next Door

So you are more of a farmhouse kinda person.  You will love this rustic chic Christmas tree from The Latina Next Door then.  She did a gorgeous job decorating her Treetopia Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree.  Minimal decor, poinsettias and a pop of festive color with the candy canes.

P.S. Want to make your own DIY Snowflakes for your Christmas tree? Check out these 10 Easy Snowflake Crafts over on HGTV.

Flocked Christmas Tree Jennifer Perkins

Festive and Fun Flocked Kitschmas Tree

Is it a flocked green Christmas tree or a kitschmas tree?  You decide!  I was thrilled to include this tree in the My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition.  So many great trees (almost all of them green).  Be sure to check out all the different bloggers and trees in the hop for tons of inspiration.

10 Gorgeous Green Christmas Trees with Jennifer Perkins

Love to hear about all the green trees you have loved before?  Which one is your favorite?  Do you own a green tree?  Are you more of a silver tinsel kinda guy or a traditional flocked kinda girl?

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