Adorable Rainbows and Clouds DIY Felt Collar

Is it a necklace, a scarf or just your new favorite neck accessory?  It does not matter what you call this DIY felt collar, because either way it is rainbow-rific and adorable.  Isn’t everything involving rainbows and felt crafts?  I say yes!  One of my favorite parts are the embroidered stitches – especially the yellow sun rays around the button sun!

Though this felt rainbow project is not exactly no-sew, it is low-sew.  Technically you could glue the colors of the rainbow together, but the showing stitches are part of what makes it so cute!

If you REALLY want to glue and not do any sewing you can.  This removable collar project is felt so it is not like it will fray.  Plus you can make faux stitches – check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins about Crafty Cardigan Makeovers for my trick.

But come on, I believe in you if I can do a running stitch so can you.

Materials Needed for Making a DIY Felt Collar Rainbow

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Wool also comes in tons of color, it would be warmer just a bit scratchy so you might have to think about a lining for the collar.  Another option is fleece, but it would not hold it’s shape quite as well.

Cut Twice Measure Once

I know that is not how the saying goes, but typically it is the story of my life.  Don’t make that mistake.  Use a shirt collar or if you already have a DIY felt collar in your wardrobe better yet use it as a guide.  You can always measure your own neck.

Each strip of felt should be slightly wider than the previous one.  Make the arch shapes that you cut wide enough so that they can be folded in half.

Stitch the Rainbow 

Line the strips up in rainbow order (or whatever order your version of a rainbow is).  You can pin them all together if you are experienced hand sewer and have pins handy or just use a running stitch to attach one stripe to the next.  Fold each strip in half before sewing.  This gives the felt a bit more body and makes your new collar a bit warmer.

If you do not like the stitches showing you can always use a color that matches.   

You Are Almost There!

Once you have all the stripes stitched together on your rainbow felt collar it is cloud-thirty!  This is also where the button part comes in.

Make Sure The Felt Collar Fits

At this point put on your rainbow collar and make sure it fits around your neck.  If things are a bit tight or loose you can adjust the two clouds and button hole accordingly.

Want more rainbow craft fun?  Who doesn’t.   

Put a Button On It

Make two cloud shapes from felt.  Feel free to make your cloud any color you want.  One cloud will go on each end of the rainbow collar.  Start with the cloud that has the button.  You will attach it to the rainbow as you sew on the button.

Don’t Forget The Button Hole (and Sun Rays)

On the other cloud, which will be on the other end of the rainbow, make a button hole.  Embellished embroidered rays are not necessary but highly suggested.  If you opt for this addition to your felt collar be sure you also use a yellow button for full sun effect!  The rays are what attach the cloud to the rainbow.

DIY Felt Collar Rainbow Neck Magic is Born

How cute is this thing when you put it all together!  What about a pot of gold instead of a cloud for St. Patricks Day?  A triangle for pride month!  Felt ruby slippers for Wizard of Oz mega-fans.  I could go on and on with the felt collar alternatives, but let’s just take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of this rainbow and cloud option.

Why stop now!  Let’s make more rainbow crafts!

Felt rainbow collar with embroidered cloud by Jennifer Perkins

Adorable is an Understatement

Can you tell I really love this project?  Like a lot?  I’ve long been a fan of removable DIY felt collars.  I even made a pearl collar option in my book The Naughty Secretary Club that says this “This Job Sucks”.  This rainbow version is only the tip of the crafty iceberg – Peter Pan collars, scalloped edges, so many ideas!  Which version will you make?

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