Using Adult Coloring Book Pages to Make Backpack Charms

How to make a coloring book page into a Shrinkydink charm.

Adult coloring books have a lot of possibilities.  You can use them to adorn onesies, up your pin game with a unicorn or even whip up a cute backpack charm.  Sure, just coloring the pages is fine too.  When artist Kim Geiser sent over Hello Happiness: An Adult Coloring Book to Live Your Happily Ever After I knew I had to make some of these pages wearable.  The graphics are just too cute to keep inside a book forever.

Hello Happiness coloring book.

Hey guess what, I’m giving away a copy of Hello Happiness!  Leave me a comment and I’ll pick a lucky winner on St. Patrick’s Day.  Get it, luck, win, contest.  Boom! What will you make with your coloring book?  Remember, just coloring the pages is A-ok (the book has 55 amazing pages to color). However, if you want to show off your mad shading skills to the world read on.

How to make Shrinky Dink jewelry with coloring book pages.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: If I’m making fantasy unicorn flair there is a really good chance one of my children is sitting next to me making their version of the same project.  My 8 year old daughter was not about to let me have all the coloring fun so this is her backpack charm tutorial.  I can’t take credit for the coloring.  However if you want to see my unicorn pin, also made from a  page in Hello Happiness head over to the Treetopia blog.

How to make a Shrinky Dink from an adult coloring book.


  • Hello Happiness Coloring Book
  • Map Colors
  • Shrinky Dinks
  • Scissors
  • Tin Foil
  • Oven 
  • Craft Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • Sharpie
  • Split Ring
  • Craft Felt

Nobody tell my 8 year old that these books are supposedly “adult” coloring books.  She colored this groovy sun and rainbow just fine.  On the flip of that don’t judge me for having a stack of vintage coloring books in my own personal arsenal.  One of my favorite parts about Hello Happiness is all the great positive affirmations that accompany the graphics.  You really do just feel a little bit perkier when you color these.

Using an adult coloring book to make jewelry.


I copied the pages out of Hello Happiness, printed them and then traced them onto Shrinky Dinks paper with a Sharpie.  I traced on the shiny side and we colored with map pencils(we used Prismacolor) on the dull side.

Making jewelry with Shrinkydinks.

After we finished coloring the next step was cutting out the designs.  If you are going to make the design into a necklace, charm or key chain now is the time to punch a hole.  Follow the manufacturers instructions for cooking and shrinking.  In this case the Shrinky Dinks called for cooking on foil.

Cooking shrinky dink jewelry.

Watching Shrinky Dinks cook now is just as exciting as it was when you were a kid.  I used a toaster oven, but a regular oven works too.

Shrinky dink jewelry.

Once the charms have cooled you want to give them a protective top coat on the side you colored so I backed mine with felt using craft glue.  My unicorn pin is living on my jean jacket and my daughter’s sun is living large on her backpack.

How to use a coloring book and Shrinky Dinks to make a backpack charm.

So as I mentioned sure you can use a coloring book to just color, but you can also do so much more with it.  There are so many amazing graphics and empowering sayings in this coloring book you are going to want to wear it, frame it, embroider it and of course color this book like crazy.  I’ve got one copy to give away just leave me a comment below.

Please note that I am brand ambassador for Treetopia and Kim Geiser, ShrinkyDinks and Prismacolor all sent me free supplies.  However all opinions are my own and I loved coloring, crafts and unicorns long before this.

Easy flair from adult coloring books and Shrinky Dinks by Jennifer Perkins

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  1. Debbie

    I’m heading back up North and always do crafts with my grandchildren. They would love this….I quess Michaels or Hobby Lobby would have the blank shrinky dinks paper….never realized they have it plain…..thanks for the idea. I ve been planning ideas.

  2. Aubrey

    Yes! I have a stash of shrink film somewhere in my hoard and I can so see my daughter and me making these! (PS – thank you for always adding a splash of color to my Instagram feed!)

  3. Dorothy

    Oh this just took me back to my childhood! I gotta try this with my daughters! They would have a blast with this!

  4. Candace F.

    So perfect. My daughter and I love making art together, she doesn’t believe in “adult” coloring books either! I’d love to have this book to add to our collection. We often cut out the pictures to make new art– would love to try ShrinkyDinks sometime!

  5. Jane Reiter

    I’m revved up to try this!! I already have the Shrinky-Dinks—just haven’t opened the package yet! thanks for the fun ideas, jane


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