Paint Drip Rainbow Planter DIY


There is something very satisfying about intentionally dumping paint and watching it run. And at 50 cents a pop for cheap craft paint, why not? Especially when the results are as cute as my paint drip rainbow planter DIY!



tie-dyed rainbow pot
Terra cotta pot
Craft paint
Paper bag or newspaper


Turn your pot upside-down on a paper bag or newspaper.


One color at a time, pour a generous amount of paint onto the base of your planter, so much so that it drips down the sides.  Do not allow paint to dry in between colors, but do give each color a few minutes to run down the sides of the pot. Add as many colors as you like.

Allow to dry completely. The paint will be really thick, so this might take a while. Just like Guns and Roses said have a little patience.



All that is left to do is add a plant to your pretty new painted pot.  Now what else can I spill paint on.  Hmmm….


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