Kitsch Covered DIY Rainbow Wreath for Pride Month and Beyond

You guys it is pride month (like I needed an excuse to decorate a rainbow wreath) and I’m celebrating in color.  Like the entire color wheel is involved in this kitsch covered colorfest of a DIY wreath.  I never met a rainbow I didn’t like and this beauty might be my favorite.  I know I say that about all the trees and wreaths I decorate, but really I mean it this time.  Come on just take a look at this baby in all it’s rainbow collection glory.  I’m doing Pride month up right!

Eclectic gallery wall full of clown art, rainbows and wreaths.

This is technically a sponsored post by Treetopia.  Yup, I’m their brand ambassador as in I get free rainbow Christmas wreaths and then I get paid to decorate them.  It’s a rough life over here I tell ya.  However, come on have you seen my DIY rainbow soap pops or what about my rainbow door mat DIY?  I never met a rainbow craft I didn’t like and if I can support my LGBTQ friends at the same time count me in!

Treetopia Colors of Love campaign for pride month.

The Treetopia Colors of Love campaign kicked off with the adorable Crafty Lumberjacks.  These guys are celebrating with a Pride month DIY involving all their favorite gay icons sprinkled over a colorful rainbow wreath.  I love the glittered accents on John Waters and Bowie.  Next up was Mark from Slumbering Alligator.  Mark stayed true to his name and made two giant alligators for his pride wreath.  Their little tongues make a heart – squee!!! Apparently You Tube startlet Lauren Fairweather loves her some Harry Potter.  She showed her color burst rainbow wreath some DIY love with wee wizard accessories.  That brings us to my kitsch covered corner of the rainbow!

Christmas wreath in rainbow colors hung on a wall with art.

My contribution to celebrating the colors of love is a marriage of two of my favorite things – rainbow colors and random junk.  Seriously look closely, that is years of collecting and a lot of hard earned flea market dirt underneath my nails in that wreath.  I once made a similar style Valentine’s Day wreath covered entirely in tiny red and pink toys and tiny treasures.  I wanted to create the same concept in a rainbow of colors.

Closeup of the red portion of a rainbow wreath covered in toys.

I gotta tell you after that Valentine’s wreath I was afraid I would not have enough red goodies left for my rainbow wreath.  It took a little digging, but my collection of random items pulled through.  I even added a few of my favorite enamel pins like the one that says RAD by Jordon Sondler.

decorations for an orange wreath.

Following right along with the Roy G. Biv theme let’s get a good luck at the orange section.  I feel kind of inspired to decorate an entire orange Christmas tree in this same style this fall.  The question is do I have enough kitschy orange bric-a-brac in my stash.  Oh let’s not be silly, you know I do. 

Kitschy yellow vintage doll on a rainbow wreath.

Meet the kitschy vintage toy bank that inspired this entire colorful rainbow wreath.  Yup, this smiley fun fur guy was my muse.  Look into those big fake eyes – he needed to be the star of this DIY rainbow show.  I’ve had him for years and through several moves and finally I feel like he has found his true home on this color wheel wreath of mine.

Small green vintage clown straw on an artificial wreath.

Did I mention that this is not my first time at the rainbow Christmas wreath rodeo?  Oh no, check out my St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Wreath complete with a pot of gold.  Shhh, don’t tell him but I like this one better.

Vintage swordfish on blue portion of a rainbow wreath.

Pompoms are always good filler when wreath decorating.  Remember when you are decorating your rainbow wreath that the exact shade does not have to be the same. For instance go with aqua, navy, royal, teal, sky and all kinds of blue.  This is after all a Pride wreath let’s be inclusive and let all the shades and colors of the rainbow show through!

Close up of purple fish earring, roller and barbie brush.

Last but not least we make our way around the color wheel and end on purple!  The party does not end here, you could go and get your own Treetopia Colorburst Rainbow Wreath or check out Treetopia on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to their site.  

LGBTQ pride month rainbow wreath

I am so excited I got a chance to celebrate Pride month in this colorful DIY way and team up with some awesomely creative folks to share stories of love and acceptance.  I gotta tell ya though, I’ll be keeping this rainbow wreath up long after June is over.  This may be my new go-to wreath in-between holidays.  Plus I totally think this would work as a Christmas rainbow wreath.

clowns, rainbows and needle point hanging on a wall.

I mean come on, this wreath fits right in around these parts!


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4 Responses to “Kitsch Covered DIY Rainbow Wreath for Pride Month and Beyond”

  1. Marissa | Squirrels of a Feather

    I burst out laughing at that orange guy poking his head out there! He is the best part of this DIY…the little spikes behind him almost make him look like a porcupine. This is a really colorful, light-hearted DIY and I love it <3

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Marissa he cracks me up too. I figured if you are going to make a rainbow wreath it should be fun 😉

  2. Jann Olson

    Very colorful way to celebrate Pride month. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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