Crafty Rainbow Vases (made from a cardboard letter U)

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Cardboard Letter U turned into a rainbow vase by Jennifer Perkins

This craft project is great for adults and kids because really, who does not like rainbows?  Turn that rainbow into a vase, with perhaps some DIY wee felt clouds and now were talking.  Plus did I mention if you have a little in the house learning their alphabet these rainbows are really cardboard letter U’s.  Yup, sit back and let me blow your mind.  

These adorable rainbow vases were originally a project for my weekly show on the DIY Network Facebook page – DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  Like a video how-to better than a step-by-step blog post?  Your wish is my command, just watch the video.

Cardboard letters for crafts.


  • Cardboard letter U
  • Craft Paint
  • Knife
  • Paint Brush

How to make cardboard letters into rainbow vases by Jennifer Perkins

You are welcome to keep your letters long and leggy if that is your cup of tea.  However, if you want to cut the letters down with a craft knife to make them look more like a rainbow do that first.  Remember to measure twice and cut once or the rainbow vase will not stand up straight.

Top of the rainbow vase by Jennifer Perkins

Next you need to cut a hole in the top to insert flowers.  I did a mix with my rainbow vases using fake flowers and real flowers.  If you want to use real flowers you will need to insert something like tiny shot glasses or the small water holders florists use for bouquets.  More in the video.

Colorful rainbow vase from a cardboard letter U by Jennifer Perkins

Paint stripes, insert flowers and boom – extreme cuteness.  Did I mention these letters come in all different sizes from wee to jumbo?

Rainbow made of faux flowers and pompoms by Jennifer Perkins

Another, slightly over the top idea is to cover the letter U in a mix of pompoms and flowers in a rainbow pattern.  I just so happen to have all the supplies on hand and between you me and the lamp post this is my favorite version.

DIY Rainbow vase by Jennifer Perkins

Instead of cutting a hole in the top to make this letter U a vase I cut off the front layer of cardboard.  This way I could insert the flowers and pompoms inside the letter in a rainbow pattern.  I used a hot glue gun.

Colorful and kitschy rainbow DIY by Jennifer Perkins

See what I mean.  This rainbow fits right in around these parts.

DIY Rainbow Vases by Jennifer Perkins

No two rainbows are alike, at least not at my house.  Some have felt clouds, others are neon colors.  You do you and make your own rainbow.  The question is will you keep these rainbows for yourself or will the kids claim them as their own like mine have!

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