Greet Guests with an Easy DIY Rainbow Door Mat

How to make a rainbow door mat.

April showers bring May flowers and RAINBOWS!  How cute is this doormat?  Pretty cute if you are asking me.  I’d been looking for the perfect mat to no avail and then like with many things I decided to just make my own.  I was inspired by the likes of Oh Joy and The Novogratz, but neither mat was exactly what I wanted.  That being said it was time to take the spray paint and craft knife into my own hands.

Colorshot fabric spray paint.


  • Colorshot Instant Fabric Color
  • Plain Door Mat
  • Pen
  • Posterboard
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
Making a stencil for a rainbow doormat.

Stencil It

Use a piece of poster board the same size as your door mat.  Trace circle stripes like a rainbow onto your poster board.  Feel free to trace something like a large platter.

You will need as many stripes as you want colors in your rainbow.  Try to make each stripe even.

Cut out all the stripes.  One stripe at a time use your Colorshot Paint to add a color.  The stripe you are painting should be revealed while the others are covered with the poster board.  You could also use regular spray paint.

Cut out the rainbow from your door mat.

Cut It Up

When all your stripes have been painted and the paint has dried it is time to cut out your rainbow.  Flip the mat over and use your largest outside stripe as a guide as to where to cut with your utility knife.

DIY rainbow door mat.

Wipe It Off

The hardest part about this project is bringing yourself to wipe your feet on it.  I almost don’t have the heart it’s so cute.  I love the instant sense of happiness that rainbows bring.  That is the exact feeling I want people to have coming in and out of my house.

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