Your Weekend Guide to Entertainment in Austin

Just when you thought Stitch was over, we have one more trick up our sleeve: a thank you party!

WHAT: Stitch Thank You Party brought to you by Carlo Rossi
WHEN: Friday Nov 17th
WHERE: Gallery Lombardi (910 W. 3rd St)
TIME: 8pm-12am
MUSIC PROVIDED BY: Ian Orth and DJ Mahealani
WHO’S INVITED: Everyone and anyone over 21.

Also enjoy more shopping and model watching. A few of the lovely ladies from the runway will be strutting their stuff around Gallery Lombardi so you can get a closer looksie at the clothing.

There will also be shopping with Sweet Tooth Bags, Rural Rooster Clothing, Machine Ballerina and second place Stitch grant winner Vinca.

Speaking of Stitch and your weekend, this means you have Saturday free and clear. Why don’t you head over to the Velveta Room to see Matt Bearden our Stitch MC for the past 3 years unleash the funny on people. He will be there Friday and Saturday night.

Also this weekend is the East Austin Studio Tour. The pit stops I am making are Gallery Dv8 to see my sister Hope Perkins pieces and to Bolm Studios to see my lovely assistant Travis Nichols goodies.

While your over on the East Side you might wanna stop by Method Hair between the hours of 5pm and 9pm for a grand opening party. These peeps are not only good friends of mine, but also one of the teams that made the models on the runway at Stitch look Hotty Mc-Hottersons.

 Saturday night is the Team Fabrication fashion show at The Parish. Remeber that hot model of Hope and I’s with the red hair and Biggie Smalls dress? That was Jen and she is one of the designers. Jen Rea, Elf Girl and Tara Bouley will be showing clothing. Clap Clap, Car Stereo Wars and More will be taking care of the music.

You might be thinking to yourself, but what are you doing today Jennifer? Well don’t you worry, I’ve managed to cram something in of course. Karly and I are headed to Antones to see Mr. Stephen Moser’s collection. Did you see the Austin Chronicle today and the story he did about Stitch?

So see it is a busy weekend with lots to do. These are just the things I am suggesting to you. On top of this I am meeting Vickie and her crew (including Dimitri Martin) out, stopping by Stubbs to see my friend Zollo from Pretty Girls Make Graves and going to a Thanksgiving Pot Luck. Hopefully sleeping will be in there too.


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