You are gonna know someone on the stage at Stitch.

A few more reason’s why you are going to STITCH this
Sunday Nov 13th at Emo’s. Because you are friends
with the designers, models, hair and makeup peeps.

Karly Hand of Identity Crisis Clothing
Models: Cory Ryan, Rachel Youns and Kyra Lancon

Jennifer and Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club & Hot Pink Pistol
Models: Emily Dowdy Bush, Lindsay Muse, Lei-Leen Choo, Julianna Gilchrist

Tina Sparkles & Sparkle Craft
Models: Annie Gunn, Scott Hillier, Erin Mikulenka, Niki Nash

Amet and Sasha by Jesse Kelly Landes
Models: Kim Mitchell, Jenna Kelly-Landes, Letitia Ames, Megan

Talena Rasmussen and Lizelle Villapando of booyo/Parts and Labour
Models: Kana Harris, Savannah Welch, Stephanie Tsen, Anna Swanson

Susann Kohene of All Dressed Up & Shy
Models: TX Rollergirls

Annie Taylor Annie’s OMNIUM
Models: Rosmery Espinoza, Symphonia Martinez, Kristin Byers Hall, Carmen Ulrich

Chia Guillory and Donna Soo of Chia & OTTEROTTO Jewelry
Models: kelley Sullivan, cari jane grigsby-etter, deana soukim, elaine dove

Melinda Lawless of Lawless Revolution Wear
Models: Stephanie Villalobos, Heather Lawless, Allie Hopson, Vicki

Jenny Milne by Machine Ballerina
Models: devona Williams, liz tipps, courtney chavanell, heather Walton

Unrest Designs by Laura Wilson
Models: Mary Golden, Kelly Sharp, Allyson Mabry, Beka Thedford

Louise Black
Models: Llana Boren, Mimi Turpentine, Dawn, Leah

Shannon Mulkey of Revampe Designs
Models: Jorie Lodes, Deanna Marie, Jennifer McCormick, Archel

Ashley Ayers, Laurel St. Romain of Tokyo Valentine
Models: Devon Orr, Tammy Grumberg, Susannah Cooper, Leslie Jones

Mi Hija by Natalie Ford
Models: Christine Green, Rockie Gonzales, Robin Cuppel, Sara Lapham

Donna and Erica Barton of Slinky Whistle Bait
Models: Rachael Miller, Kelsey Wickliffe, Alianna Villareal, Allison
Hair & Make-up: Style Syndicate


Fashionista: Lisa Brooks, Ginny

Style Syndicate: Buffy Thomas, Joey Miller, Lindsay
Sanders, Julia Czech, Crystal Renteria

Salon 707 – – Jennifer Curttright & Sarah Sallis

Orbit Salon – Kate Hicks & Rawny Stephenson

Get your tickets at Emo’s or Stitch.

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