Yarn Shopping in Austin

A few weeks ago my cyber pal Linda Permann became a real life in person friend when she came to Austin for a visit. We hooked up and did all the obligatory fun stuff like lunch at Polvos, thrift store shopping and Linda’s favorite a pit stop at Hill Country Weavers. As someone quite new to the realm of yarn I was a bit overwhelmed though completely impressed with the store. Linda on the other hand being a seasoned crochet pro was blown away. So much so that she wrote up a little blurb about the store for Craft Stylish!

I can hardly wait for August when Linda’s book Crochet Adorned hits the shelves. I’ll be sure to head back to Hill Country Weavers then to load up on tasty colored yarn!

7 Responses to “Yarn Shopping in Austin”

  1. Jenny

    Love your tee! I have to ask – where did you find it? I have a preggo friend that would be perfect for 🙂 I hope you are feeling fabulous!

  2. Blue Mama

    Hey! How are you feeling? 🙂

    Have you gone to any of the other newer Austin yarn stores Gauge or the Knitting Nest? I haven’t but keep meaning to…

    HCW is the closest to my house and I love it but I like having more options. (aside from stores like Hobby Lobby, etc.)


  3. Merc

    Lookin’ good with the baby on board, hope you are feelin’ well. This book looks really fun. I can’t crochet but I might be motivated to learn just to make these flower things. Like, as opposed to granny squares. Are accessories just more fun than regular clothing? I think you must have figured this out long ago. Happy healthy pregger thoughts to you. Carrie

    Oh, I love my word

  4. Marilyn

    Linda has a book coming out? I am so out it but still so proud of her.

    And I agree that is a pretty cute shirt you are wearing. 🙂


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