Would you rather be able to fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes?

These are the deep and profound questions my husband likes to ask me on Saturday morning. Sure we were in our jammies eating cinnamon rolls watching Superman Part 2 so it was kind of relevant, but still. I chose being able to fly just for the record. Although Terrance Stamp did look pretty cool shooting those lasers out of his eyes. Why did Terrance go on to movies like this? He worked with Pasolini for God’s sake.

Chris and I spent the afternoon watching TV and recuperating from our night out. We went to Cory’s benefit at Beerland. With my headache today I can say the bar came by it’s name honestly. It was a super fun time though. Cory, Karly, Tina, Hope, Kurt, Matt (Bearden), Courtney, Matt (Buie), Chris, Erin, and DAVE MORGAN MOST IMPORTANTLY – all kinds of friends there. I think I have officially learned my karaoke lesson. Hope signed Tina, Cory, herself and I up to sing “Hey Ya” by Outkast which we totally bombed. The MC was nice enough to play “9 to 5” for us to give us a chance to redeem ourselves and Hope and I sloppily bombed that too. Ya me and karaoke were just not meant to be. Wanna see pictures.

So anyway, back to today. Chris and I just got back from going to Doug’s house. He burned a bunch of CDs for Chris. His whole house is a studio now with all this crazy big cool looking equipment. If you live in Austin and need to record, he has got all the belles and whistles. After that Chris and I ran some errands. Why oh why is finding an entertainment center so hard? Seriously I am dying to buy a new TV, a big one, possibly even plasma – but I can not find a damn entertainment center. The one I have now only holds a small TV, I need something for a TV but also all my stereo equipment including a turntable. Oh the dramas.

So now Chris and I are back with a kitchen full of Asian food. We are going to make noodle bowls and we got all kinds of fun stuff like endamane and dumplings. Most importantly we scored Lana brand egg rolls. See Chris and I used to get this brand all the time, but somewhere along the way the grocery store quit selling them. They were the best egg rolls ever, all the other frozen ones suck. We were so happy to be reunited with our favorite frozen egg roll again. I was also researching some Ehiopian recipes tonight.

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to play in the dirt. Chia loaded Chris up with a bazillion plant cuttings from she and Javi’s yard. Lots of cool succulents. I am super pumped. Then we are going to head down to south First for the art walk and see the shops and chat with friends. Maybe I will hit the City Wide Garage Sale too.

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