Would you be interested in Naughty Secretary Club craft supplies?

So I have an idea, and I need your advice.

This spring my girlfriend came to stay with me and was in awe of all the craft supplies I have. I don’t know if you have ever seen the episode of Crafters Coast to Coast where they go in my studio and you get a small taste of the wall to wall shelving containing buttons, beads and baubles – but let me say that was shot years ago and my collection has grown. ANYWAY… she travels the country teaching classes at Art events and sells her students all the supplies to craft along with her. One of the things she sells in her classes are bags of beads for people to collage and make art with. Then I started noticing a lot of people on Etsy selling packages like bags of charms or beads. What do you think about this idea? I’m not trying to sell off my stock or anything, I just have a LOT and some things I will never get around to using.

These are my questions….
Would you rather buy beads, charms, cabs?
Would you prefer random goodie bags?
What about random bags where everything is the same color?
Does it matter to you that there might not be enough of any one bead in the random bags to make a necklace?

So this is just an idea I am tossing around. No one start emailing me asking me if they can come over and dig through my studio  I am thinking if it is anything it would be more like a grab bag of goodies.

No big plans for the weekend around here. Chris grilled us fajitas last night and we sat on the porch and a couple of cold ones. Yesterday was a long day involving lawyers so I needed a night off. Today we have more pictures to take with Jewell. Our group shot is at Don’s Depot of us playing poker. I have never been there so this is all kinds of exciting for me.

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