WIN IT!!!! Monster Doodle Book

I had so much fun giving away free books every Monday in May, I thought why stop the party. That’s right kids every Monday in June I am going to review and give away a free book. Let’s get this party started.

Even if I didn’t personally know Mr. Travis Nichols I would still think his The Monster Doodle Book was super swell. Picture Rosie Flo’s coloring books combined with Wreck This Journal and you get sort of an idea of what kind of whimsy the Monster Doodle Book has in store.

You might recall my synopsis of his last book Punk Rock Etiquette. Besides the witty writing and crafty how-to’s one of the best parts of the book was the illustrations. Travis was painting kitschy monsters on thrifted paintings of The Last Supper way before monsters were cool. Now with the Monster Doodle Book he is giving the reader a chance to make their own monsters. Travis gets the illustration started, gives you a fun prompt and you do the rest. Whether it be tentacles that need a body and head or an axe wielding cyclops torso that needs a pair of legs.

Not only would this be the perfect gift for a 10 year old boy it would also make an art journalist or aspiring cartoonist of any age happy as a clam. Heck, I’m not any of those 3 and I’m happy just flipping through the fun filled pages.

Feel like doodling your own monster? How could you answer no that question, it’s a great stress reliever. You have one week to leave me a monster related comment. Did you have a Cookie Monster Doll as a kid, was Sigmund and the Sea Monster your fave cartoon, do you make monster plushies? I wanna know!

13 Responses to “WIN IT!!!! Monster Doodle Book”

  1. bootsie q. mcgromblestein

    As soon as I saw this, I knew my youngest son would love it. He's the one who is always telling me super elaborate tales of monsters (and always in that wide-eyed, secretive, they-might-be-listening-RIGHT-NOW! voice). He loves to draw pictures and I think the book would help him animate his stories. Strangely, his older brother is the one who has actually dressed as a monster for Halloween.

  2. Sharon

    Have you ever read, "The Monster At the End of This Book" ? It's a must read if you haven't! Got the little boy in my mind who this book would be perfect for! An inspiring little artist 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win…now go check out this book!

  3. Nicole Maki

    My youngest son has been drawing, sewing, collaging and assembling monsters since he was about three. People always look at his pictures and ask me if it's a hangover from Halloween. At five he announced he plans to, "collaborate with Tim Burton when he's older" Now he's twelve and the monsters just keep coming. Currently they have a mech-zombie-steampunk vibe. I love it.

  4. Binks

    I always try to doodle and draw monsters but mine never come out right. They're not cute enough or odd enough I think. Something is just missing. But this looks like great inspiration!
    I'm also a an embroiderer, so these would make great patterns.

  5. Zay

    My husband is a lover of all things monster and would love this book for our daughter. 🙂

  6. jen @ hell razor

    Art teacher over here, who would LOVE this book to use with kids in the classroom! I love how the ideas are "started" for you, but left up to the imagination!

  7. Cynthia

    How cool is that! I was at Barnes and Noble today looking at thier kid coloring books and saw a lot of cool doodle books similar to this. Makes me want to be a kid again.

  8. ava

    Oh that book is such a great idea! I have never seen one quite like it before!(which may be cause I live in this country far far away called Finland).
    I was not such a monster lady growing up. Sure I read my goosebumbs and nighmare rooms, but no not really I was not.
    But I dont know, maybe I am living my childhood all over again and therefore I am now so exited about those kind of

  9. Krista

    Ooo Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly is one of my favorite books to read to my Kinder class during our study of the letter Mm! This book would be AWESOME to get activities from for that week!! It would be a MONSTER hit! =)

  10. gill

    My children are all in their teens now but we still love doodling!
    They weren't really into monsters as youngsters except for Sesame Street!

  11. Mary H from SC

    While sitting in our weekly staffing meeting at work, I doodle. The agenda usually consists of palm trees and water, but lately I've been starting with happy faces with petals and they grow into paisleys. That's the only time I doodle as I am always either crocheting with plastic, cotton or beading. Whoever wins, ENJOY!!!!


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