WIN IT! Hot Glue Gun Helpers

I owe my love of hot glue guns to Cathie Filian.  True Story.  Once when I was visiting Los Angeles Cathie was kind enough to throw a party with several crafty ladies in attendance so that I would have a chance to meet some new peeps and say hello to old friends.  Of course Cathie did the party up to the nines with a fabulous spread of food and even party favors.  The party favor that made it back to Texas with me was a small blue hot glue gun.  I had always been skeptical of hot glue guns and their lack of power until I had my very own to play with and soon became a convert.

Leave it to Cathie to improve on an almost perfect craft invention.  Anyone who has ever used a hot glue gun has also felt their wrath.  They call them HOT glue guns for a reason, those suckers can burn you!  Well now you can craft boo boo free thanks to Hot Glue Gun Helpers.  Soon you will be able to find them at all your local large craft retailers, but in the meantime you can score a set from Cathie’s Etsy store or WIN A SET RIGHT HERE.

This new 7-piece set of craft tools will revolutionize the way you use hot glue.  Each set comes with a craft mat and tools for working with hot glue that will protect your work surface and your fingers.  The kit is heat-resistant and non-stick.  The tools also work with Mod Podge, acrylic paints, ink pads, shimmer mists, markers, gem glues & tacky glue.

1. Craft Mat: Cover and protect your work surface. Peel craft paint and cooled glue from the mat. Soap and water clean up. Rolls for storage. (measures 14.75″ x 11.5″)

2. Finger Caps (you get 3: 2 adult sizes and 1 teen size): Place on fingers to protect while gluing. Great with hot glue.

3. Tweezers: Pick up and place small items into glue. Non-stick tips. Great for working with gem glue.

4. Paddle: Corners pick up a small amount of glue. Paddle allows for a soft press. Great for gluing flowers.

5. Press Wand: Tipped end smears hot glue. Great for paper crafts. Blunt end allows for a firm press. Great for gluing embellishments.

Invented by craft industry veterans and HGTV’s Creative Juice hosts, Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza. After years of burns, they developed the tools to ease you woes and make working with hot glue easier.

The tools are manufactured by Plaid Enterprises ( the kewl folks behind Mod Podge and FolkArt paints.)

Now that you are dying to have your own set of Hot Glue Gun Helpers, let me tell you how you can win a set.  All you gotta do is leave me a comment about hot glue.  Have a glue burn war story?  What is your favorite way to use hot glue?  When you first saw hot glue sticks with glitter did you get misty?  Let me know by next Wednesday and one lucky winner will win their very own hot pink Hot Glue Gun Helper!

41 Responses to “WIN IT! Hot Glue Gun Helpers”

  1. 100% Witch

    I love working with my hot glue gun…what I don't love is the burns. I believe the most I've gotten was making a covered binder for a friend. I almost threw in the towel with the war between me and my glue gun…but I pressed on. After so many burns, one that I think I had a blister from. I finished the binder. My friend loved it…it was worth it.

  2. Robin Woods

    I can't WAIT to try these products! I keep my hot glue gun in my toolbox, not in the crafts room because I use it for everything! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Melody Jones

    I love hot glue guns and in my creative haze, have been known to glue something to everything within my reach – desk, office chair, wall, chair rail, book case, dog's collar. What's NOT to love about hot glue?? Contact info: melodysmusings at gmail dot com. (yeah, I do try to avoid the email-scoping bots!)

  4. Lesia

    Oh my word!!! Hot glue gun helpers are only the greatest invention since the art of decoupage was created. I've burn my fingers so many times I don't even think I have finger prints anymore. Just recently making ornaments for the tree I set the hot glue gun down and accidentally put my elbow on it….talk about hitting your funny bone…this was no laughing matter.


  5. Eliza Doolittle

    how awesome! Leave it to Cathie & Steve to come up with something so clever 🙂 I once had to help my Aunt cover a float with tissue paper rossettes using a hot glue gun – we took turns sticking our fingers in ice!

  6. Karen

    Every Cmas Party since I don't know when, I end up with a hot glue manicure: little Bandaids on all ten of my wavys (fingers) 🙂

  7. LesleyD

    I constantly burn my fingers with a glue gun. In fact I have several scars on my hands from it! LOL Just recently in my crafting group at church we made snow flakes out of popsicle and other shaped thin wood. We painted them white then put glitter all over them. They look great! The glue gun helpers would be awesome to keep me from having to go to the ER when crafting. 🙂 Thanks Jennifer for the

  8. Jessica

    I was also afraid of using the gun but gave it a shot this year and now I love it. I've been using it to make tons of ribbon clippie barrettes for my daughter.
    Would LOVE to win this giveaway!
    jessmusumarra (at)

  9. realmofthebluerosedragon

    I use my glue guns for many projects, one of my favorite is to spot glue fabric when I am working on creating a new car interior (I re-do, make new interiors). Working on a Model-T right now. Winning these would sure be nice! I can see if I do not win, that I will be purchasing a set or two!
    Thanks for a great give-away!

  10. Sandy

    I haven't used my hot glue gun for a while – since I burned myself making a pine-cone Christmas tree last year. It was a good burn – on my forearm. I would certainly love to have these – and I'm sure my glue gun would be glad, too – since it's probably pretty lonely right now.

  11. PurpleCar

    Years ago, when my younger cousin bought a house on his own, I offered him our extra ceramic dining set. He came to my house and essentially followed me around while I collected all the pieces. We counted 8 plates, 8 cups, etc., 8 of everything except bowls. One bowl was missing. I knew it hadn't been broken, so I thought for a second where it might be.

    "Oh, I know!" I

  12. Bonafyde

    Count me in as sold! I love glue guns and as it's the holiday season I whipped mines out to fix Christmas decorations as well as craft new ones. That being said I think I may need a whole hand protection glove! LOL i got a burn along the side of my palm this time… minor cuz I moved quick but painful just the same! Woohoo Cathy for addressing a need with a (cute) solution!

  13. Vidette

    I love to use the glue gun for adhering faux flowers to wreaths. I learned about faux embossing with the glue gun, so that is next on my list to try.

  14. Sheryl

    I'm tired of burning my fingers with the Hot glue gun and would love to win Cathie and Steve Hot glue gun helper..

  15. Kim Flasch

    This is the greatest idea ever! I wish I could think of some of these things – well actually I am sure we have all thought of them, we just never act upon them! Cathie has the right idea – sounds like a gal I would love to meet!

  16. Donna

    These tools could get me to start using my hot glue again. The last burn made me cry, plunge my hand into a bucket of dirty (eeuw) water, then peel cooled glue off along with a couple of layers of skin. Ouch. Since then, I'm a little hot glue shy…

  17. Robin

    OMG I must have these!!! It was the great glue gun burn of 1995…My pinky was burned so bad I went to the ER. My mom drove 2 hours to watch my 2 year old. Wow, I felt like such a wimp and my sister being the loving, caring sister that she is, never lets me forget it!!!

  18. Trisha's Treasures

    I would love to win **
    Hot glue is a fabulous invention, right up there with duct tape, chewing gum, and coat hangers. However, hot glue has this tendency to drip and hit any soft skin-like surface. My fingers always find it. When it does, it tends to stick faster than I can say "ouch!" The result is a minor burn that commonly leaves a mark in the shape of a Midwestern state on

  19. Tanya

    I love using hot glue but I burn myself EVERYTIME I use it. I used the glitter glue to make faux wax seals on my wedding invitations. I read wax breaks off in the mail and so I tried the glittered glue sticks. Not only did they work, they looked tons better than the wax. I used a rubber stamp to press into the hot wax.

  20. Bobiwash

    Looking at the glue sticks before you put them in the hot glue gun, they look harmless. You forget about how nuclear hot they get after it oozed out of the nozzle as you slowly pull the trigger.
    You want to touch, because you don't think it'll be that bad. But it always is.

  21. ampersandphotography

    ever since i was a kid, my mom has been hot gluing everything imaginable. i'm sure we have both had our fair share of blisters and am definitely getting this for her for christmas!

    i worked in smithville, texas in the parks and rec department and I would always use the hot glue gun for overly ambitious children's art projects. the kids were always fascinated by it and dying to

  22. CraftyNCrazy

    I have been hot gluing since I was a child. I believe I got my first major burn in 8th grade doing a class project, back then my mom had only a HOT glue not a Low Temp gun so when that glue touched you it HURT!

    I have used my glue gun alot lately, this past weekend I even used it to glue down a wooden threshold that had come loose, and used it to rig up a temporary curtain to hide my

  23. knittingmama

    I just recently realized how awesome a glue gun can be. But when working with feathers, it can be a little tricky. These would be amazing little tools to add to my arsenal! Thanks for the awesome product pointers!

  24. Detrimental Diva

    Hello here! I was trying to secure a button on a jewelry box I was making. I wasn't familiar with the glue gun at the time so I was holding the button between my fingers… Well it shot out quicker than I thought it would, went all over the place. Needles to say, I had a perfect button print on my finger for a while.

  25. CJHatch

    I have a super deluxo model hot glue gun with extra tips for it and a nifty tool to change the tips…I love it and use it a lot!! And of course I have been burned by it as well. As far as the glitter sticks go…well one can never have enough glitter!! When I first saw them I would just take paper and put glue on it so I could see it cause I thought it was pretty cool stuff.

  26. Keely

    I think my hot glue gun was one of my first craft purchases and boy have I used it. I actually still have my original (it's huge) but have bought additional smaller ones – 'cause every crafty girl needs more than one for when guests come to play.

  27. Dusty

    You can't fool me: I know this is actually a shrink plastic tool set in disguise! Because it would be sooooo wonderful for working with shrink plastic…

  28. andieface

    Hot glue with glitter??? How have I missed this?
    This set has to be the best invention ever. My hot glue burns usually result from my trying to smear some visible glue, so I need me one of those nifty rollers!


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