WIN IT! Bic Mark.It Permanent Markers

Now that Halloween is over it’s time for me to start obsessing about Christmas. Sure I realize Thanksgiving is in there somewhere, but who decorates and gets super crafty for Thanksgiving? Plus there are all those presents with Christmas! That being the case I thought I would start the giving early. Every Wednesday until Christmas we are going to be giving away something fun! We have stacks of books, jewelry and craft supplies with your name written all over it! Let’s start with a craft supply give away!

When you think of Bic ballpoint pens might come to mind. When the package of Bic Mark.It Permanent Markers arrived at my house my husband saw the box and thought he had hit the razor jack pot. However, Bic is dipping their toes into the craft market and boy oh boy am I glad they did. A giant box of 36 colorful markers is like the adult version of a new box of crayons – I got equally excited I gotta tell ya. Check out the Bic Blog and Facebook Page to see some of the crafty ideas. The markers will work on glass, metal, plastic, photos, foils and coated paper. Sorry no cloth. There are so many gorgeous lush colors like lime green, fuchsia and teal.

So now the fun free stuff! I have 3 packs of the colorful markers to giveaway! All you have to do is leave me a comment and let me know what you would use these markers for. Are you an avid scrap booker? Love to do art journaling? Think you might adorn a vase or two? You have until next Wednesday to let me know.

P.S. If you have been reading this long I’ll let you in on a little secret… to kick things off in the contest department we are doing two give aways this week! Tune in tomorrow to check it out.

97 Responses to “WIN IT! Bic Mark.It Permanent Markers”

  1. Ammy Belle

    Oh – that's a dangerous question! What wouldn't I use them for? I think I\d start out with the posters I have to make for the book drive in December, then work my way to the lily-white pizza box from last night, then right around to a birthday card for my best friend … hm ,,,

    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ˜€

  2. knittingmama

    I'd use them for the name cards for the church youth group. I taught them to crochet infant hats for babies in the NIC-Unit. We are donating them come Christmas time.

  3. Niina

    I'd use them for writing postcards I sent via Postcrossing, sketching, designing, drawing…Everything pretty much

  4. Jinxy

    I'm such a marker junkie, I love all the colors. I's use these for cards, scrapbooking, as well as getting things around the house less blah.

  5. Christina

    I am drooling just looking at the picture of these permanent markers! 1) I would keep them away from my husband because he thinks you can use a permanent marker on your 10 month old's head to make that Charlie Brown hair mar. 2)a project with my daughter Alex- having her decorate clear glass ornament balls and being able to write special messages on them for gifts (special messages with

  6. kelly

    my mouth literally started watering when i saw those pens. i would use them for miscellaneous craft projects and christmas presents!

  7. BevinUSA

    I would use them to decorate glass clear ornament balls. an many other ways
    In my Christmas creating I use many different mediums

    Thank you for the chance

  8. Miss Sparrow

    Beautiful colors! I would use them for shrink plastic charms I'm making for my dd's cross country teammates. And, of course, I'd put them to good use in my art journal(s)!

  9. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    You guys are making me want to bust out my copy of Wreck This Journal and my set of Bic Mark.Its. Wouldn't that combo make a great XMAS present for somebody!

    My sister has a set of the markers and has been using him in her art, so yes they work on taxidermy.

  10. Alisha

    They'd be used to make decorations this Christmas, to write thank you cards and to just let my son have a colorful doodley time!

  11. Cindy

    I bought this set for my Grand Daughter last year and then thought, Hey Shrinky Dinks. I think they would work great. Thank You for another great giveaway.

  12. Last_Hired_Loser

    I'm a librarian, and I love doing new craft projects with the kids. I've been collecting jars, so I'd love for the kids to use the markers to decorate the jars. We'd make paper flowers to put in the decorated jars, and they could give them away for the holidays.
    We have no budget, so I could really use these markers!

  13. Misty Posey

    Let's see, it would probably be easier to tell you what I don't use them on πŸ™‚ haha I use these to draw TATS on my youngest child's back. After a day or two it finally washes off. Almost every birthday party of my girls, I use something for everyone to sign for my girls. My favorite is a pillow case. If you iron it good before washing, the colors last a little longer. I am a

  14. halomom

    I'm getting ready to make some Christmas ornaments. I can't wait to try these! I've been looking for something permanent on glass.

  15. alma sanford

    Oh so many ideas, writing on the big mirror in my sons room, decorating windows at home, drawing with them in my journal would also be great, or……

  16. anwarnshuis

    Some of the things I use perm. markers for are:
    *card making/scrapbooking
    *decorating the donation jar for different events
    *mixed media artwork

  17. The Art of Megan * HomeGrown Fashion

    I like coloring the inside of bottle caps with permanent markers before I fill them with an image and resin, or glitter and resin. I also love permanent markers on polymer clay for sharp detail, and decorating boxes for craft storage always is more fun when you have a bigger selection of colors!

  18. Danielle

    iTS GONNA be a DIY christmas, so i would use these for decorating my own wrapping papper!! OOoo what a crafty colorful christmas** ^_^

  19. Madalyn

    I'd use them for making homemade cards and to-do lists! I make my to-do lists color coded by importance and these would do just the trick! πŸ™‚

  20. amyhanshew

    I am new to art journaling, but it is my new passion. These markers would help me graduate from my black pens into the world of color.

  21. The Gentleman in the Radiator

    I just discovered this site moments ago, and I have to say I'm already a fan!

    I'm a fine art photography student, and as soon as I saw that these could be used on photo paper, I became really excited at the idea of hand-coloring vintage photos.

  22. CraftyHope

    First off, what WOULDN'T I use them for?

    But, I suppose what I would mainly use them for is on Shrink Plastic . . .for jewelry.

    Oh the colors, all the pretty colors!!!

  23. Karen Bolotin

    I would use them with my students to decorate some banks I bought over the summer for .75 each, regularly 5.99. Just need the markers to begin the project!

  24. Jules

    I would have to use them for all sorts of crafting with my niece. She's only 3 months but I have big plans and high hopes for her. Her Mom's not so crafty so it's up to her Auntie to instill a love of crafts in her!

  25. skarletgrrl

    I would use them for everything! I write lots o' pen pal letters and always decorate the envelopes. I am also working on decorating a tote bag right now and my paint pens are running dry!

  26. susie carranza

    i draw with permanent markers, and also use them alot to outline images in my paintings.


    Wow, isn't it awesome when the stars align? I'm currently in a treatment center in California( I'm live in Alabama) I'm here for a lil r&r and help for depression, sometimes as moms life can get a little to chaotic. My purpose in explaining all if this is I am currently enrolled in art journaling101,102,201 and grafitti of my life through getitscrapped I found this class

  28. Lianne

    I love colored markers!! I would use them for gift tags, to do lists, and everything in between.
    lianne-nichols at hotmail dot com

  29. WireMySoul

    I love markers for card making and colouring in doodled designs I think might be scan-worthy, for use in my jewelry. Also, for colouring homemade shrinky-dinks from recycled plastic! I also burn a lot of mixed cds for my vehicle, and use coloured permanent markers to decorate the label side. Sooo many uses for these babies!

  30. Lisa Cash

    Love these! I love to decorate the outside of the envelopes I use to send cards to my daughter in college. So, these would be awesome – so many colors – for doing that!

  31. Rhea

    Whoa! I just found you by looking for cha cha bracelets online.. who would have figured! Okay- I was going to return a 50 cent vintage necklace purchase made online because of a chip in the purple bead. SOOOOOO, I would fix that bead and all the other jewelry I inherited so it didn't look junky. (Just for starters) Thx for this chance –

  32. Ms Polka Dot

    My hubby and I make little "I love you" cards for each other about once a week, free handing super mario or our dogs. I would totally use the markers for that.

  33. Sunspot

    I have a couple of wood blanks from the craft store (you know, those unpainted pieces)that I have not used. I want to try drawing all over those and then varnishing on top . . don't know if it will work and of course since you said not to use them on cloth . . . I'm wondering why . . . .

  34. SequoiaLynn

    I would use them to death. I scrapbook, make cards, do altered art and doodle way to much. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize!

  35. Audra

    I use these for everything! Scrapbooking, card making and even while painting!
    They are great for to do lists, and labeling my (craft) boxes so I know what is what when I'm pulling things out for a project!

  36. Anonymous

    This is perfect!!!
    I wanted to try a DIY shrinky dink project with my 2 super crafty boys…but I only have a (boring) black sharpie…haven't had the extra Moola to invest in colored sharpies (for pazzazzzz!!!)….
    We would be in COLORFUL shrinky dink crafting heaven with these wonderful sharies!!!
    Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! πŸ˜‰

  37. LindsayRae

    The things I could use these markers for! With Christmas coming up we were planning on making personalized ornaments and these would definitely help!!!
    Thank you for the great give away!

  38. Michelle Lee Ann

    What an awesome offer! I work with high needs preschoolers and our preschool is like a recycling factory. We have a whole closet just for our recyclables to be used for art projects. I particuarily want to try out's awesome idea to turn milk cartons and toilet paper tubes into ball catchers, and we need permanent markers to decorate the cartons. I have 3 or 4

  39. Kelly Crowl

    I don't usually comment on your blog…just an avid reader, but who wouldn't LOVE to win that set of markers? I think I would use them mostly on cards or scrapbooking projects, but hey, you never know what might happen from there! Thanks!

  40. Tanya

    I would use these to draw on fabric or tshirts. I have been using sharpies for awhile and the colored markers would be awesome! I would also see if they would fit in the pazzles machine (the cricut that doesnt need cartridges). I have been having a ball with that latley too.

  41. Tanya

    Opps you said no cloth, so I would use it on glass! Or heck, anything else. I know, making some mexican day of the dead shrines!!! I just saw that clip online again…it was awesome!

  42. Michele

    I like to decorate paper bags to use as gift bags. I decoupage some cool graphics onto the bag and then use markers, stamps, glitter, or anything else to complete the project.

  43. ELLIE

    what a terrific give away – I would so use the bic markers for my mandalas –I love the vivid colors–I would also use them for special lettering on my inspirational posters…and painting my dia de las muertas skulls – so many uses so little time!!!
    I have used them in my art journals – I so love it all – the colors keep the creativity going!!

  44. Nicole Duncan

    I love markers!!! I would totally use them to add a little art to my personal notes to my customers. I love to do colorful old school tattoo designs (I dabbled in tattooing back in the day)

  45. Campfire Chic

    OH WOW! I would use the markers for everything…art journaling, scrapbooking, labeling, writing notes, more labeling…oh, did I mention labeling?

    CampfireKam at gmail dot com

  46. debBdooz

    I design my own fabric on canvas with permanent markers. I have never grown too old to color. Having major spine reconstruction next week and am taking my canvas and markers with me to design away. That's about all I'll be able to do, LOL. Take pity on this poor, old lady and send me a set!!I've told everyone to bring bouquets of markers rather than flowers to the hospital.

  47. Maddy*Moo

    WOW those pens are just YUMMY! I have some shrinking plastic and can't wait to make some charms and keyrings from it, these pens would colour them so brightly, I'll be making funky pieces non stop! I can see my dad stealing them like I steal his stamps as he has just ordered a ton of cards and papers, he finds endless ideas out of everything lol. I'll never let him take them! They&#39

  48. Saguaro Chick

    I live for markers! All those luscious colors, yummy! Those babies would be put to good use in all my memory albums! I often make pages and them put them aside, waiting for the perfect words to hit me, then grab a matching marker when the moment hits! Alas, many are old and drying out. Had to throw four away the other day….it pained me greatly! This set would be displayed in my pretty jar


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