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Did I tell you I got a new job? Because you know I needed something else to add to my ever growing list of job titles. I am now officially the Craft Artists Life Editor at Craft Gossip. It all started innocently when I saw that they had a posting about position openings on their website. I submitted a few ideas for new positions and the one about interviewing some of my favorite crafters, artists and designers stuck. This is my second week on the job and yesterday I did a hello nice to meet you introductory post on Craft Gossip so I figured it was only fair to do an introductory to my other blog post here. I will be posting on Craft Gossip 5 days a week. You can go here to sign up to receive updates about my posts. Each week will be a combination of interviews as well as links to fun interviews other places on the internet. I have 3 weeks worth of interviews already lined up and others in the work, but am always looking for more and this is where you come in.

Wanna help me out and win some free magazines? All you have to do is give me a little advice and I will hook up 5 lucky winners with some free magazines. I have copies of Bead Style and Bead Style Under $25 to give away. Post your comment here or on the Craft Artists Life Blog about who would you like to see interviewed (even if it is you!). What kinds of questions would you like to see asked of crafters? Know any fabulous interviews on the internet I should blog about? I appreciate any and all suggestions you could leave here and this time next week I will pick 4 people at random to mail the magazines too!

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  1. kattalyne

    D. Lynn Reed is a Columbus, OH resident self-taught artist. She has amazing mixed media piecs. I used to work with her and she has a fabulous quirky but logical personality that is absolutely entertaining. She’s been published a couple of times and I believe she could inspire other crafters to think outside the box. Her offical website is:

  2. Nichole Moraila of Mucha Muchacha and The L.A. Craft Mafia

    Ms. Jen~ Congrats on the new gig, it sounds like a hoot!
    I would like to see Nichole Moraila of Mucha Muchacha interviewed 🙂 Questions I love to see in an interview always center around how a crafter got around to that particular craft. What were they doing when the inspiration struck to pick up THIS craft? Were they already doing something similar? Were people in their community doing it?

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Kattalyne that is a great suggestion, I checked out her site and there are some really amazing things.

    Nichole I totally agree you should be interviewed, I don’t have any glass artists on my list yet! I love the suggestions for questions those are great. You don’t want to ask where did you come up with your name everytime although with some of the biz names out there it is tempting to

  4. Marilyn

    You know who is pretty cool? Melissa from Metal Sugar ( She’s a fellow NY Etsy team member and she’s been doing more shows in the area. She’s sweet like cotton candy too. 🙂

  5. allthingsaustindesign

    Congrats on the new position! How much fun that will be! I don’t have any immediate ideas of who to interview, but I definitely am always interested personally in finding out how crafters find the time to make all the projects they do. I’ve been trying to work on my line of products for months now and I’m still not ready to debut. I suspect this more a cause of needing more time management skills

  6. Laurie

    I never heard of Craft Gossip until I read that Vickie Howell was going to be their knit editor, and now I find you’re on board, too. How exciting!
    Questions to crafters that I’d like to hear answers to:
    Sources of inspiration, which books, magazines, websites, shows, movies, people, places do they find influence their work?
    How did they first learn to do what they do?

  7. Julie

    One of the main questions I would like to hear asked is, “How did you know what you were making was good and original enough to sell to the public?” I think that’s why many crafters are afraid to take the leap, they don’t think what they have is good enough, or they think that someone else already does it better. I would also like to see a list of their favorite blogs, craft sites, etc., and to

  8. Emy

    I think your sister would make a pretty cool interview. She’s a wonderful artist.
    I would also be interested in people who craft just to craft (bloggers, flickr users, craftster users), not for businesses necessarily. I like to know where their need to craft came from, what inspires them, how they squeeze enough time in a day to make stuff. Their favorite project(s), craft failures and

  9. Noelia

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂

    I`d love to see more interviews with international artists (more latin ones), because in every country the situation to live by “what you do” is always hard.
    For example im a fashion designer but i work doing accesories … its not that i can live doing that YET but im trying my best and working hard every day. Here in Argentina things are very hard

  10. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    These are all such amazing suggestions. I have enough interviews to get me through the next week or two, but the next batch I work on I will def take these suggestions into consideration. Sounds like everything has different things they like to read about with each interview.


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