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When the nice folks over at Green Craft Magazine wrote me to see if I wanted to give away a copy of their magazine on Naughty Secretary Club, I said sure thing. You love free stuff, contests are fun and I happen to have a real soft spot for green crafts.

Green Craft Magazine is brought to you by the folks at Stampington. Ya know the people who put out (apron.ology), Altered Couture, Haute Handbags and a million other fun titles. I love all their magazines. Each issue is more like a book that you keep on the shelf to go back to time and time again for fresh inspiration.

I told you my Recycled Cardboard Cupcake Coozies were inspired by a project in Green Craft Magazine and this is it. Clever die cut tags, flowers and more brought to you by Lisa Guerin.

No matter what your crafty passion, if it is green this magazine has something for you. Tissue paper candleholders, T-shirt scarves, felted ankle warmers, burlap purses, leather jewelry – you get the idea.

All you have to do to win a copy of Green Craft is leave me a comment about Green Crafting. Where do you get your ideas from? Do you already subscribe to Green Craft Mag and luv it? Do you hoard trash just sure it can be transformed into something else fab? You have a week to let me know.

24 Responses to “Win a Copy of Green Craft Magazine”

  1. kelliebob

    At least half my projects use re-purposed materials; partially because I'm environmentally conscious and partially because I'm cheap 🙂 I've never seen Green Crafting but I'll keep an eye out for it at the newsstand.

  2. mygreenscene

    I would love a copy, and probably will start subscribing soon after, if I win! I actually have my own green living/crafting blog, so it would give me TONS of great ideas for it!

  3. Tatiana

    I LOVE magazines like this! I didn't know this one existed. I'm excited to see it! I totally hoard trash. My basement is full of it unfortunately. However, when I need something, I can usually find it down there!

  4. Cherry Red Studio

    I have been repurposing vintage jewelry parts and found objects for years! I try to incorporate these objects into my jewelry as often as possible 🙂 This magazine looks great! I love so many of their other mags 🙂

  5. Sarah

    I like to reuse my husbands dress shirts that have a tear or satin on them. I turn old t-shirts in to reusable grocery bags. I just found out how to reuse yarn from knitted items from thrift stores.

  6. WireMySoul

    I get most of my green craft ideas from the internet. I love reading crafty blogs and trying out new techniques for making fabulous stuff from reclaimable materials. I'd love a copy of this magazine! I wish I could find it on shelves where I live!


  7. Senora Muertos

    I'm part of a group for local artists & crafters called the Upcycle Exchange. We accept donations at certain craft shows & events, along with a drop off location. The donations are recycle-able materials and art/craft supplies that the artists ask for. The artists then offer a coupon either for a free gift at an event or to be used on their etsy store at a later date to those who

  8. ArtistikDiva

    I used to be a girl scout leader. At our leader retreats folks would bring their trash to treasure items, put them in a big bin for others to scavenge for swaps. (Girl Scouts make tiny pins to trade called swaps) I have ziplock bags full of wine corks, communion cups, bottle caps of all sorts, soda can tabs, 35mm film cans, etc etc. All for the express purpose of "needing" them to

  9. Megan Lynn

    I lived on a farm for nine months, and we only went into town once a week. So, rather than amass a small mountain of trash, I learned to re-use EVERYTHING. Also, by res-using all materials instead of buying new ones, I was able to virtually eliminate my crafting costs!

  10. boogie beans

    oh my. i am such a hoarder of "trash" that i think i might some day repurpose. from candy wrappers to chip bags to anything. i'm always looking for new ways to use materials of all sorts. this looks like a great magazine. thanks

  11. Sandy

    I love to scour thrift stores and Good Will for trinkets,fabric, old sweaters and books that I can use in my crafting! I sometimes find things I collect, as well. I'd be thrilled to win this – thank you for the opportunity!

  12. alma sanford

    Anything laying around the house is fair game. I have alwyas been into crafts and having worked with children you learn to reuse and new ideas to use the treasures you find. My favorite thing right now it bottle caps any beads.

  13. Toni's Treehouse

    I am just starting to get into green crafting, so I was thrilled to learn about this magazine! We've been on a mission since January to really green our household and we've made huge leaps. Now we're working on how we can re-purpose things we would ordinarily dispose of, so this is perfect for us. Thank you for sharing!!

  14. BonBon

    I've been green for a long time because I love the look of anything vintage in my crafts. Now it turns out I am helping the planet as well!

  15. Angel

    I can't believe I've never heard of this magazine, or seen it at the bookstore, or anything! I would love to check out a free sample. I re-use & re-purpose everything. I get inspiration from the idea that something old and dusty or horribly ugly or suddenly useless can be turned into something snazzy and useful again. Plus I'm cheap and like to de-stress by creating fun stuff. My

  16. Leigh-Anne D

    I get my green crafting ideas from a variety of places from magazines to the internet, friends to my own imagination. I don't do as much green crafting as I'd like, but I do wash and keep a lot of things that might otherwise be recycled or trash, like bottle caps and cans. I also re-use things like plastic egg cartons to hold beads and plastic chewing gum packs to hold buttons. I don'

  17. Bobiwash

    I hate to throw things away and clog up the landfills. I'm always looking for ways to repurpose and reuse. I do not subscribe to Craft Green magazine, but it looks like a wonderfully inspirational find.

  18. Anonymous

    I do save lots of things because I can't bare to throw them out as they could be used again for something much more crafty. I don't get Green Craft Mag, but it looks really interesting.


  19. Elizabeth

    Hoard? Me? NEVER….well, maybe a little. I have a cardboard box fetish, yes, fetish. If it is a copy paper box with a lid, be still my beating heart. I have contact papered a gazillion of these for storage.

    I have covered old tins with polymer clay. I have covered old light bulbs in polymer clay. I have recently fell in love with upcycling jars into paperweights and

  20. Cindy Cooksey

    I like to repurpose old fabrics in my quilts. I've used old wedding dresses (not mine), curtains, etc. I'd love to learn more repurposing ideas in Green Craft Magazine.


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