Whose Craft is it Anyway?

I hate to brag, but my mom is a crafty bad ass. She makes jewelry, sews purses, does broken plate mosaics, hand paints rugs on the floor, uses power tools, tinkers with resin and more. I’ve known her crafty idol status for years, but the current issue of Craft Magazine makes it public knowledge. That’s right look for one Mrs. Fredda Perkins in the new issue about crafting green. The article is called Whose Craft is it Anyway: Elder Crafters Respond to the Slogan “Not Your Grandma’s Craft written by the amazing Rachel Hobson of Average Jane Crafter and wondermous Diane Gilleland of Crafty Pod. I have always thought that slogan, besides being overused, was a touch antiquated and this article proves it. My mom is about to be a grandmother and she does not do lame crafts. For that matter my grandmother did fun pottery and painting and that I have hanging in my house as I type. Grab a copy of the magazine and read the article. My favorite quote from my mom is “I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine! Now sewing machines are computerized and will do just about everything but kiss your ass when you walk in the room”. That Fredda, I come by my potty mouth honestly I tell you.

Below are some pictures of a few of my favorite crafts my mother has whipped up. Be sure to check out more picture of her amazing home decorating prowess here.

One of a kind necklace with vintage metal toy mouse and pink stones, Vintage Barkcloth Pink Feather Messenger Bag and Hall of Harlequins Clutch.

One of a Kind Kitschy Christmas Wreath – she made me my very own this year I can hardly wait to hang it, Vintage Barkcloth Kris Kringle Stocking and Santa’s Tutu Stocking.

The rug she hand painted on her front porch, Flower Mosaic Table, My bathroom mirror she made me out of my plaster fish collection that made it into a book about kitschy crafts!

Various mosaics and Vintage Midol Tin Necklace.

Maybe some day DIY Network will re-run the Crafting with Mom and Waterslide Decals episodes of Craft Lab and you can see Fredda in action! Got a thing for Wall Pockets, pick up a copy of her book Wall Pockets of the Past to learn all about your collection. Speaking of collections did you see the amazing article she wrote Discovering Tomorrow’s Collectibles Today?

Did you get your crafting genes from your mom? Grandma? Are you a genetic crafty anomaly and have no idea where it came from?

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  1. Anna van Schurman

    Totally from my mom. Only unlike you two, we also share the one-million-projects-going and…it-never-gets-done gene. Like the time she painted a rainbow on my wall when I was a teenager. I lived with it having only one coat for ages. When I came home from college one year, it had been wallpapered over. Yup, that’s about right. 😉

  2. alicia policia

    Hooray for crafty mamas! It’s so cool to see work from your mom. I totally love that mouse necklace! This is just further proof to show that craftiness is genetic, and now we know where you get your sense of style. I know that I inherited my craftiness, crazy creepy sense of humor, and fondness for circles and round things from my mom and grandmother.

    Their projects included weird

  3. Christine H.

    I was reading that article while I was waiting to vote yesterday, and I think I upset the other people standing in line because I laughed when I read that quote from your mom. Voting is VERY. SERIOUS. BUSINESS, you know.

    I really enjoyed taking your business class and if you ever decide to do a 3 week class on marketing, I’ll be there (and hopefully not drugged up on Dayquil)!

  4. ELLIE

    WOW – your mom is awesome – love her projects – love the mosaics – very cool!!!
    what a great thing on the magazine article – how cool is that?!
    be well

  5. belle

    I am totally blown away! wow you sure got her~ Jeans! She is truly a wonder cannot wait to read my (late ) issue of craft…until then I will have to suck on some of this eye candy you offered here…thanks little mama

  6. Marilyn

    I think my creativity comes more from my father’s side of the family. I hate to say it but my mom is not the most domestic and crafty lol! I’m pretty much on my own in this case. But YAY for your mom! It is about time the “grandma” issue was address. I never liked that saying either. Your mom’s stuff looks great! 🙂

  7. Hippie Missy

    Most definitely my MOM (but my dad is quite creative too)!! She and my dad have made their living doing craft shows for almost 20 years. Growing up the garage was their shop, so I always had any tools and supplies at my fingertips.

  8. Megan Robertson

    My Great Grandmother is 100 and still painting with paintings in her local galleries up in Maryland. She passed it down to my Granny and then down to my mom and then down to my Brother and me. It’s so wonderful to share a special bond like that.

    It’s nice not to have people look at you with crazy eyes when you decide to make a dinosaur head out of foam and cardboard tubes ( much like my

  9. Margot Potter

    Firstly, your Mom is bitchin’ and bad ass! What amazing artwork! Holy guacamole!

    I too have a creative, artsy Mom and Grandmother. We have artists on both sides of my family tree. I think all of my creativity comes from being surrounded by art as a kid. My mother has been recrafting since the 60s. The whole “it’s not your Grandmother’s” slogan thing drives me batty. They use that

  10. textile_fetish

    So this is on news stands, now? Cool! Yes, I am with you on the over-used phrase. I guess people have made the “country craft” label stick to a certain generation of crafters, but consider that many of us are getting our skills from that same generation! It can be a bit insulting.

  11. Fredda Perkins

    Thanks ladies for all your kind words about my crafts. I grew up crafting with my mother. We sewed, did ceramics and lots of other things. And, by the way, I don’t think of my self as an “elder.” Gag, cough…. In side I’m still your age! Fredda

  12. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    You guys are so nice to leave all the sweet words about my mom. I should start renting her out and then I would be rich!

    I also love hearing where everyone learned to craft. I totally learned from my grandmothers. I was sent to stay a week with my maternal grandmother once just so I could learn to sew and cook. Every visit to my patneral grandmothers house was spent refreshing my

  13. Average Jane Crafter

    Yaaaaaaaaay! Fredda, it was such a treat to get to interview you. You’ve passed a lot of crafty cool on to your daughters, and I love watching y’all get crafty together.

    And I think being creative and crafty is what keeps us all young inside. 🙂

  14. pomly

    That Santa wreath is the best thing I’ve seen all day!

    Crafty genes run in my family too. DIY on both sides, all the way!


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