Whip It – Naughty Secretary Club Goes to the Roller Derby

This past week I watched Whip It. Not because I am a huge Roller Derby fan, though I have been to a bout or two in my time, but because I wanted to see my jewelry. Several people had emailed me asking if that was a Naughty Secretary Club resin doll bracelet that was seen throughout the movie on Ellen Page’s best friend. I had to watch to see for myself.

If the bracelet was not mine it was someone who saw one of mine and made their own version. Remember I got my start making cast resin jewelry in ice cube trays. I phased it out due to the stinky factor, but the evidence is still around.

If you have ever seen the movie Idiocracy I did all the resin jewelry in that as well.

For a movie not actually filmed in Austin, but about Austin they sure did their research. Right down to the jewelry!

If you wanted to make your own resin doll head bracelet watch this handy dandy video I made on making resin jewelry. Instead of photographs you would just sub in doll heads. I found the heads in the doll section of my craft store and cut the faces off the heads. If you decide to try your hand at making one I’d love to see what you come up with!

*NEW* Naughty Secretary Club Resin Bracelet

Naughty Secretary Club * Jennifer Perkins | MySpace Video

10 Responses to “Whip It – Naughty Secretary Club Goes to the Roller Derby”

  1. Kristen

    how cool… I remember seeing that bracelet in Whip It and thinking how neat it was, and that it looked very familiar to me. Now I know why!

    I've been thinking of trying my hand at resin, but I am, as you point out, worried about the stink factor. I have a teensy little house… but the windows open wide!

  2. Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue

    Rad Jennifer! High 5!

    I watched this little video you made before I played around with resin for the first time. I found it to be very informative & made me less nervous to do so. I kept the project in my then screened in back porch. I miss that porch.

  3. jo_annie

    very cool!

    thanks for posting the video tutorial! I have your book (love it, btw) and have been wanting to attempt resin. it seemed scary–but you made it less intimidating!!

  4. Anonymous

    I really want to try this with photos of my kids…are the instructions printed in your book or elsewhere on your site?

  5. Suburban Girl

    I saw it, and…I HAVE one of those bracelets, made custom by you! I sent you 5 pictures (my mother, her mother, HER mother, my father's mother, and HER mother). Still wear the bracelet all the time and now that I know you don't make them anymore, I am especially proud to wear it. I was hoping that the movie bracelet was by you…but I guess we'll never know.
    I should shoot you


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