Where the heck have I been?

I have been a sucky blogger the last few days. You can understand there has been traveling and plans for more travel. As you know I leave for Los Angeles next week, but this past week I made a quick trip down to Dallas to see the fam. If you recall earlier this summer I went to Illinois to see my 98 year old grandmother who was moved to an assisted living facility in my hometown of McKinney, TX where my parents still live. ANYWAY what is the number one thing elderly people do in new living environments? Break their hips of course. She broke her pinky too bless her heart. So my poor grandmother is in a nursing home now that has a rehabilitation center taking little walks when she can get out of bed in the hopes that she will eventually get to move back to her little apartment she got to live in for a total of like 3 days.

I flew down Wednesday night to get a good long visit in. Chris and the doggie drove up Friday afternoon and we left Lucy at my parents house and he and I drove to Arlington to see his family and go to a Rangers baseball game which was pretty fun. Saturday was more family bonding including a trip to Dallas to have pizza at Campizis Egyptian and a trip to North Park mall. They have a Delias store! I didn’t get anything but a compliment on my 31 Corn Lane Bag. Chris, Lucy and I all drove back Sunday night. Yesterday I just kind of laid on the couch comatose making occasional notes about things I need to pack for my 5 week long trip. Q-Tips, I Pod Speakers, Face Wash – I’m a really bad packer and have to plan ahead like this or it is a big mess.

So I’m back in Austin and furiously making jewelry, packing and then at the end of this week doing two days of filming here in town. What and with whom I am filming I am still unsure, but I guess I will find out. Remember just because I am not home does not mean Naughty Secretary Club closes down, Ginger will be here filling orders and answering questions so all should be well.

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