When you get caught between the moon and Corpus Christi

Please sing the title of this blog to the tune of “Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do)” by Christopher Cross and you will understand this blog entry much better.

Chris and I just rolled in from a 3 day long vacation at his dad’s house in Corpus Christi. My sister Hope and her fiancé Kurt joined us for the weekend as well. I am also supposed to give a special shout out to my extremely handsome and single father-in-law Phil. Hi Phil! So anywhoodle we had a long and relaxing weekend, visiting family, hitting the beach, eating lots of seafood and seeing Christopher Cross in concert.

Friday Chris, Kurt, Hope and I spent pretty much the entire day at the beach. You can look at Hope from 50 yards and tell my her bright red color. After years of our parents being neurotic about sun tan lotion you think she would learn her lesson. I can remember trips to the beach as a child and my parents slathering us with some alcohol based sun block that stung like crazy in the wind and we would have to sit on the sand stinging for 30 minutes after application so everything could soak in. Years later when I got a convertible in high school one of the conditions of my car was that if I was ever caught not wearing my seat belt or without sun block in my glove box the car was to be taken away from me. I missed a few spots with the sun block this weekend like the tops of my feet, but Hope was having to take cold baths and slather herself with Aloe. Poor kid. Other than that our day at Mustang Island right outside of Corpus Christi and up the road from Padre Island was super fun. I bought goggles to explore the ocean with, we flew a kite and spent almost 5 hours just sitting in the sand. Felt good to be away from work for a bit since I have about a bazillion things due this month.

Saturday the 4 of us headed over to Chris and I’s favorite restaurant in Corpus Christi, Elvas. They have these huge breakfast tacos called Destroyers that cost $1.50. We love them and dream about them and try to make them ourselves at home on occasion, but nothing beats Elva’s homemade tortillas. I am sad to report that this experience was not a great one. As I finished my Diet Coke and looked into my glass there was a dead roach lying on one of the ice cubes. So not only had I inadvertently drank roach juice, God only knows what was climbing around in the kitchen. I think Elvas and I have broken up. We spent the rest of the day thrift store shopping and went to the Corpus Christi Trade Center. This place is quite the experience. Picture a really trashy indoor flea market, not the kind with antiques. The kind where you get tattoos, purchase coffins, get a grill for your teeth or buy giant flags and t-shirts with various raunchy sayings. Hope wanted a moving painting from there to paint a dead rapper on top of. Not expecting to find a treasure myself I happened upon a booth that did air brushing. Lord knows when I see something that tack-a-liscious I have to have it for myself so I promptly forked over the money and put in my order. The woman who did my shirt was quite proud of herself and even took a picture of the shirt. If you have ever seen the episodes of Craft Lab where I desperately try to airbrush you know what a skill this is. I told her I had a little experience and truly appreciated her talents. Maybe I should have bought a grill when I was there to wear with it.

Saturday night was the main reason we came to town – CHRISTOPHER CROSS. Man was he awesome. He hit all the notes and sang all the hits. Chris had purchased his greatest hits CD for the weekend so we had been practicing singing along. The crowd was an interesting mix. Hope had a young hipster guy come up to her and ask “Why are you guys here?” with a quizzical look on his face. I love me the hip hop, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal, but the 80’s car seat songs might be my favorite of all.

The other bonus of the trip was Chris and I got a new car! Well Chris’s dad gave us his Pathfinder so Hope and Kurt took my car home while Chris and I tested out our new wheels. The trip back was uneventful except when Chris and I pulled over to do a little guerilla gardening. We kept seeing all these cactus along the side of the highway so we decided to pull over and “borrow” a few cuttings for our yard.

Now I am back in Austin and relaxed and ready to face the million and one projects plus a trip to Dallas I have next week.

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  1. Beth H

    great travel tale, except for the ROACH in your Diet Coke! OMG! OMG! OMG! that is sooooo disgusting! I don't think I would have handled it as nonchalantly as you seemed to.


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