What’s On Crafty TV This Week With Jen?

If you are awake at the butt crack of dawn this week and feeling kinda crafty might I suggest tuning into to DIY Network for Stylelicious and HGTV for Craft Lab. You can see me whip up some custom panties and trying my hand at mosaics.

Garden Sphere Mosaic – Episode DCLB-154
Monday March 23rd 5:30 AM Central

Mosaic artist Laurel True demonstrates how to create a one-of-a-kind garden sphere sculpture (a colorful mosaic sphere-shaped form about 18″ high and round). Laurel covers a ball with a concrete-like papier-mâché, draws a design on the base and begins cutting glass and breaking tile. Next, Laurel sets the mosaic by mixing and applying mortar to the base and setting the tile and glass. Finally, Laurel demonstrates how to grout, seal and buff the sculpture completing this amazing piece of garden art.

Spice it Up – Episode DSTY-113
DIY Network
Tuesday March 24th 3:30 AM Central

Stylelicious has the remedy for plain wardrobe pieces. Host Vickie Howell jazzes up a skirt and tank with a touch of tulle. Host Jesse Kelly-Landes adds some sass to some simple slippers. Host Jennifer Perkins has an idea to put some personality into your underwear.

Episode Trivia: on the pair of panties with a pirate theme that say Arrrrgh they originally said booty, but the network decided that was too racy. “Professor, what’s another word for pirate treasure?” “Well I think it’s booty” “booty” “booty that’s what it is”. Quick what are those lyrics from? No cheating and looking on Google either!

Time for Change – Episode DSTY-313
DIY Network
Saturday March 28th 3:30 AM Central

When wardrobe pieces get old and tiresome, give them a new lease on life! Vickie Howell revamps an old sweater with a cool needle-felting design. Jennifer Perkins makes a hilarious handbag with girl’s training pants. A tired skirt gets a makeover with fishing line and a serger.

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  1. Leslie

    Hello Jen! To answer your Episode Trivia Lyric question…..Beastie Boys, Professor Booty?????

    I think….??? Well, I am a little brain-fired today! Thanks for the great post! Enjoy that baby! Take care!



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