What’s On Crafty TV This Week with Jen?

Set your DVR for the butt crack of dawn this week if you want to feast your eyes on some crafty goodness. I’ll be whipping up everything from chopsticks for your hair to lamps with the Crafty Chica! Here is the low down on everything along with a few behind the scenes photos of Tuesday’s episode of Stylelicious.

Craft Lab – Latin Inspired Crafts
Mon Feb 9th 5:30 AM central on HGTV
Guest Kathy Cano Murillo turns a plain old TV tray and silverware drawer into a colorful table collage featuring a splash of Latin art and culture. Next, Kathy takes an unadorned lamp and camps it up rumba-girl style using fruit and lots of glitz. Then, Kathy takes brightly colored crepe paper and fashions it into a lush topiary guaranteed to brighten up any fiesta.

Stylelicious – Outerwear
Tues Feb 10th 3:30 AM central on DIY Network
Join hosts Jennifer Perkins, Karly Hand and Jesse Kelly-Landes where staying warm is looking good with our hot outerwear projects. Jesse Kelly-Landes comes up with a sweet detachable scarf poncho. Independent designer, Chia Guillory, invites us into her world, where her awesome arm warmers are made. Karly Hand combines form and function with a faux fur muff that can stash away your valuables and a matching faux fur beanie.

Stylelicious – Accessories
Tues Feb 12th 3:30 AM central on DIY Network
Today we are adding flair and style with spectacular accessories. Host Jesse Kelly-Landes creates a flower choker out of felt. Host Jennifer Perkins demonstrates a way to dress up chopsticks as a great hair accessory, and host Hope Perkins explains a painting technique to add design and color to a pair of gloves.

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