What’s On Crafty TV This Week with Jen?

Early bird gets the crafty worm is what I always say. Either that or you can sleep in and set your DVR to catch the early morning episodes of Craft Lab and Stylelicious. This week I cover everything from basketry to bracelets with a trip to the Dollar Store thrown in for good measure.

Eco-Friendly Baskets
February 23, 2009
5:30 AM Central

Mother Nature supplies us with a great project demonstrated by guest Mark Barnes, who demonstrates how to make baskets out of vines.

All in the Wrist – Episode DSTY-209
February 24, 2009
3:30 AM Central

Wrist wear is what it is all about today. Host Jennifer Perkins cooks things up by melting vinyl records to make them into a wrist cuff. Host Vickie Howell introduces us to leatherworker Mark Stowe, who has a rockin’ take on the all-purpose leather cuff. Host Jen Arntson incorporates a traditional leatherworking style, called trapunto, on vinyl to create a wrist strap bag.

Dollar Store Challenge – Episode DSTY-209
February 26, 2009
3:30 AM Central

Our Stylelicious ladies are presented with a challenge to create wearable fashions out of dollar store finds. Host Vickie Howell creates a corset top out of washcloths. Host Karly Hand makes a skirt out of an umbrella, and Host Jennifer Perkins makes a purse out of a photo album and toy snakes.

2 Responses to “What’s On Crafty TV This Week with Jen?”

  1. Melisa Taylor

    I set my dvr up to record all the craft shows, including Craft Lab and Stylelicious.

    I can’t wait for the Bracelet episode! Yay!

    Have they/you filmed any new-ish seasons of these two shows?


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