What Did You Wear to SXSW?

I know I said I was going to take lots of random people pictures at SXSW of fun trends I was spotting, but I kind of wussed out. It is harder to bust out your little digital camera and ask to take pictures of people than you might think. Somehow if I had a real paparazzi style camera I felt like I would have been able to ask people, but with my little point and shoot I just looked like some weirdo stalker. I did manage to sneak a few pictures in with the help of a little liquid courage and when a few people were not looking. There actually were not a whole lot of new standout trends that blew my mind. I saw some individuals in amazing outfits, but not a whole lot of “holy wow I have to have that”. I did see a few people sporting Naughty Secretary Club and that made me feel warm and squishy inside.

I wanted to start with a picture of these 3 cuties I snapped at The Fader Fort. The girl on the right has 3 of the major trends I noticed going on. First of all the old school Risky Business sunglasses that were so popular in white are still popular. I loved them in neon colors and remembered that you could get them as swag at places like Oriental Trading Company with your company name emblazoned on the arm. I wish I had thought to order some. The second thing our little friend has that I actually am on the look out for is a Bowler Hat/Derby. The fedora of years past are over and it is all about the felt bowler. Once Agyness Deyn wears something you know it is going to be popular. Last year’s fedoras were worn low and this season’s bowler is high on the crown of your head. One last thing she is wearing are sheer tights with shorts. Here in Texas it is already too warm to rock this look, but she and everyone else I saw looked adorable. So onto more peeps in the sunglasses….

I was excited to spot the rare and elusive male trend at SXSW. Boys often seem to wear the same thing over and over season after season more times than not. However after I saw 3 hipsters in embroidery and appliqué I knew there must be something to do this. Especially when one of those guys was MC Naeem from Spank Rock. Anyone who has spent longer than 10 minutes perusing through Etsy has seen all the adorable appliquéd outfits out there that have contrasting stitching. I have seen it on hoodies, skirts, dresses and more but until last week at SXSW I had never seen it on a sweater vest.

It seems that bright Rainbow Brite style tennis shoes have not gone out of style and thank God for that since I wear my Adidas almost everyday. Well except for the day below when I wore my tiger print chucks.

So last I leave you with a picture of Cerebral Vortex who was sporting an outfit and look I was quite smitten on. I am also throwing in a picture of my favorite tattoo I saw all week and let me tell you I saw a lot of tattoos. If this didn’t satisfy your SXSW voyeurism be sure to check out the pictures at Fader, Nylon, Party Ends and The Austinist.

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