Werewolves always look stupid.

Why do werewolves always look so fake? Friday night I saw part of an American Werewolf in London and that is such a sad excuse for a werewolf. Seriously, not scary at all. Did you know for the low low price of $19.95 you can get David Naughton to call you. Then right this minute I am watching the Neverending Story and that wolf G’Mork is so awful. All the other animals and people in fantasia are really cool looking and that wolf is just pitiful. Did you know that the voice of Falkor and G’Mork in that movie are done by the same dude. In ‘another weird werewolf coincidence I watched the Private Lives of Dentists yesterday that stars Jason Bateman who was in Teen Wolf two. I prefer the original Teen Wolf wih Styles and Michael J Fox surfing on top of the van. Man it seems like I watch a lot of TV. I have gotten into dragging all my jewelry out into the living room and sitting at the coffee table working because all the desks in my studio are covered with stuff and I am too lazy to clean them off.

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