Went to a lot of Antique Malls, Thrift Stores and Flea Markets.

So besides spending my Thanksgiving holiday shoe shopping I also went to a lot of antique malls, thrift stores and flea markets. Pretty much my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. I had a lot of good scores for fun jewelry goodies. I am trying to make a bunch of new one of a kind things for Naughty Secretary Club, my shelf at Parts and Labour and the Austin Craft Mafia booth at blue Genie.

The scan is just a little sample of some of the goodies I got. See I was in Dallas and it was the Fair Park Flea Market there and then I came back to Austin and it was the City Wide Garage Sale here. It was like heaven. I scored owl pendants, retro plastic hotel room keys, Bakelite belt buckles, plastic children’s jewelry from Japan, lockets, buddhas, buttons and more. I spent most of yesterday making new jewelry and fondling all my new goodies.

Oh and I need some advice. If you were trying to find jewelry like mine on the net and you did not know my URL, what are the words you would search for? “One of a Kind Necklaces”, “Big Earrings”, “Chunky Rings”? Email me or post your ideas here.

P.S. I added 4 new Pop Purses to the site this morning.

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