Weiner or wiener – it’s not how you spell it, it’s what ya do with it!

It is currently 6 in the morning, but I have been up since 4 – I am not always the best sleeper in the world. People might call me a little high strung, wound up, a wee bit on the anxious side. Oh well. Waking up at the butt crack of dawn has allowed me to scan in my latest press tidbits.

First up the March issue of Elle Girl came in the mail yesterday and there are 4 pages with Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. Look for True Love Earrings, White Puff Bracelet, White Triangle Earrings and Sail Boat Earrings. Awesome Possum!

Next up is a new little online zine called Killer Cotton. These guys were nice enough to write up a smashing review of Naughty Secretary Club. Be sure to go check them out, I am expecting great things in their future.

Last, but far from least is the February issue of Playgirl. I have a scrabble bracelet featured as a necklace on a blow up doll! There is some debate about how to spell weiner. Apparently I may have spelled it wrong, but you know what I say…weiner or wiener – it’s not how you spell it, it’s what ya do with it!

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