We call em’ locusts down here in Texas.

So Vickie is in New York for the Bust Craftacular and also filmed an episode of #1 Single which is a new show with Lisa Loeb. Vickie took Lisa one of my Wooden Friends Kitty Necklaces and it was a hit! hooray!

Speaking of gifts, I went a little crazy shopping for myself last night. Here is what I got…

1) Neighborhoodie that says “Naughty Secretary Club”

2) Custom Scarf from Lulette that says “Austin Craft Mafia”. Ya so as my husband pointed out I am a promotional whore. I can’t help it.

3) Cicada Earrings by Erica Weiner that I saw on Cut X Paste. They were sold out so I tracked down the artist’s site. We call em’ locusts down here in Texas.

4) A Blue Fawn Necklace from Happy Owl Glass.

5) A Gold Machine Gun Necklace by Document and some Wooden Deer Heart Earrings by Frozen Peas both at Chocosho.

6) A Crying Tiger T-shirt from Beautiful Decay.

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