Wanna work in the Austin Craft Mafia booth at Austin City Limits?

So I’m in a pickle with the Austin City Limits festival for the 2nd year in a row. See the Austin Craft Mafia gets a booth there each year to sell our crafty wares. The first year was kind of stressful because I was getting married the week after. The second year was just downright hot and my friend Jeff was here from London visiting. Last year after we got accepted I got the job to host Craft Lab which just so happened to be filming during Austin City Limits. I had to get Bee, Hope and Chris to work my booth. Apparently it was so hot and dusty last year they are sworn off ever doing it again. So now for the second year in a row we have an Austin Craft Mafia booth at the Austin City Limits festival and I find out that I am going to be in Los Angeles. Why am I telling you this? Because I need someone to work my booth. In the booth will be Tina Sparkles, Amy Barber, Susann Koehane and Naughty Secretary Club minus me. I need someone to take over my share of helping the girls set up the booth and close it down each day. The booth is like a little store you would need to take money, wrap up goodies, check people out, watch for shoplifters ect. What you get is $7 an hour plus a free pass to the music festival for the whole weekend. There is not a lot of time to see the bands, I’m not going to lie to you, but there will be the occasional slots where you can duck out and catch a couple of shows. The event is Sept 15, 16 and 17. I would prefer someone I know helping me out with this gig, so please email me at info@naughtysecretaryclub.com if you are interested.

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