Vintage Toys, Super Heros and Birthdays!

So many things have happened since we chatted last, I thought it best to do this post in random bullet points.

1) Since today is my Birthday I thought I would make myself into a super hero. The video is true when it comes to the sale shopping stuff.

2) My copy of Handmade Nation finally came in the mail and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I’ll blog more about it later.

3) Speaking of books, I just noticed that The Naughty Secretary Club is the 40th most sold book in jewelry on Amazon today and I am up to 20 5 star reviews. Whoo-hoo!

4) I’m so excited that Apartment Therapy is coming to shoot my house for their blog later this month that I have been furiously decorating. I actually took the sheets and towels off the windows in my bedroom and hung curtains. Mom and I made a matching headboard. Please excuse my un-made bed, the picture had Ella in it (who is up to 105 pounds now) so I had to include it. On another wall in the bedroom I started to hang some pictures and have more prints on the way from Etsy.

5) I never gave you a recap of the other days at the Round Top flea market. In a nut shell they were hot, but fun. As if we didn’t get enough mom, Hope and I hit the Austin antique malls and I doubled my collection of vintage Fisher Price toys in an afternoon.

6) Man I can’t wait to go have Indian Food with my friends tonight for my birthday celebration.

7) I posted an interview with Nicole Vasbinder of Queen Puff Puff on Craft Gossip.

8) In the last few days I have added 4 pages of new jewelry to Naughty Secretary Club and there is more coming as soon as I can muster up some witty descriptions.

9) My friend Kathryn just called and she and her brand spankin’ new little girl Evan are coming over. I better take a shower! Here we are earlier this summer when she was 9 months and I was 3 months. Oh ya did I tell you I’m knocked up? That’s the reason I have not been blogging much lately 🙂

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  1. noisy penguin

    Happy birthday and congratulations! That’s so awesome! You’ll have the best-accessorized child ever.

    I have the same Fisher Price record player and little TV thing – my mom brought them down for me after I had my baby a few months ago, it’s amazing how much I love playing with them all over again as an adult.

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Ya I’m about 5 months along. I didnt blog all summer because I had terrible morning sickness and spent June, July and most of August on the couch trying not to hurl. I’m trying to get back ino the swing of blgging things.

  3. Elaine Elwick Barr

    I knew it! When you said you were working on something really big that was keeping your from posting I thought; either baby or liscensed jewelry line from Duncan..:) I’m sooo happy for you! Congrats!!

    Oh and on all the other “stuff” too!


  4. k.


    Going to have to call my mum up and get her to find my old fisher price record player now. Not as good condition as yours though- think I coloured it in, cos you could make really cool spirals on the turntable…

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Ya I think a lot of peole guessed baby when I blogged that awhile back.

    As for the Fisher Price toys – this is a newish collection for me. I had them when i was a kid so I love them. The record player ha all it’ records and works. The little clock radio was actually mine. The TV with Biggie Smalls was painted by my sister Hope and has Easy E on there too so when you play the song and

  6. Marilyn

    I already left a comment on your MySpace page but I will say it again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congrats on AF, I can’t wait to see the post for it. 🙂

  7. robyn

    argh!!! congrats on the wee babe!

    i’m excited to go check out the new jewelry, and happy birthday as well!

  8. jungle dream pagoda

    Hey !!!
    just popping in!Happy B-day and major good tidings over babykins coming!!!!!!!!
    Funny thing is …I think we might have similar free spirit temperaments,and you are not going to believe how OK you are going to be with SOOOO much less me-time.
    I am always thrilled when artist families have babes. More amazing thinking to add to our world!
    I am very happy for you!

  9. CraftyHope

    Happy Birthday!
    I LOVE your FP collection of toys. There are vivid memories bouncing around in my head of playing with many of those toys. How fun.

    I also guessed you were “with child” after that other post. Congratulations, all the best, etc. to you and your hubby!!

  10. Making it Lovely

    Congratulations! I’m knocked up too… three months along.

    And the Apartment Therapy thing is awesome! When they came to shoot my house, I was surprised at all the lights and equipment that was brought in – it was a much bigger production than I thought.

  11. Condo Blues

    Congrats on everything!

    Although I’m kinda freaking when I read

    vintage Fisher Price toys.

    Because that means that those little choking hazards (I had the house) are now vintage. And as we all know, vintage is a nice word for antique=you are really old.


  12. kari d

    Just catching up on my blog reading and saw that it was your Birthday on the 8th. Happy belated Birthday and Congratulations on the upcoming little one too! Haven’t “met” too many people with the same birthday as me!

  13. Happy @/*-*\@

    Hello chick, I love this post, I love your jewellery and your quirky toys, I think you are definitely from my ‘clan’. You look gr8 being preggers, Enjoy it chick! the best is yet to come!

    Love happy xx


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