Vickie Howell in the Customer Gallery

Ya know if I knitted I am sure that I would find the free patterns on Vickie Howell’s site oh so helpful. Alas, as many times as Vickie has tried to teach me I do not knit. I noticed on the picture of her current free pattern that she is wearing a Naughty Secretary Club necklace and earring set that I made her! That is why Vickie is my latest customer gallery entry. Actually Vickie wears a ton of my jewelry; I guess most of my friends do. I went out Saturday night and Hope had on a pair of Funny Valentine Earrings and Erin had on a Revamped Vintage Necklace. Anyway back to Vickie. Recently when I was over at Vickie’s house she pointed out to me the latest issue of Knit n’ Style magazine where like total sweetie she dropped my name as her jewelry connection. Right in the middle of the article is this paragraph.

“When I asked about her wonderful jewelry and commented on her clothes, she immediately says it is thanks to her amazingly creative wardrobe lady Jane Manfolk (she gets me dressed too!) and her friend Jennifer Perkins. Jennifer, host of Craft Lab, another popular show on DIY’s lineup, lives a mile away from Vickie and makes most of her baubles. Visit her online at”

Dang thanks for that plug and thanks for always wearing my jewelry. Remember if you want to send in pictures of yourself in your Naughty Secretary Club jewelry I’d love to blog about you and add you to the Naughty Secretary Club Flickr group. Also if you ever want to send in pictures of what you made with your Crafty Curios I’d love to see that too!

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