Vermont here I come!

Today I am leaving for Vermont to hang out with the DIY gang. We are going to film a special for the network in a ski town called Stowe where it is apparently in the single digits temperature wise. I have never experienced this kind of cold and am really not looking forward to it. Seeing my DIY friends will be fun, but the cold is icky. I raced around in the last few days and found some furry boots, a lime green down jacket, a hat with ear flaps, gloves and more scarves than I will ever need. Living in Texas winter wear does not come up that often.

The other hosts filming the special with me (Craft Lab, duh) are Vickie (Knitty Gritty), Michelle (B. Original), Cathy & Steve (Creative Juice) not pictured Sandy (Scrapbooking) and Allison (Uncommon Threads). Amy and Carl are in this picture we took at the Sterling book party at CHA, but not going to be there. Apparently this picture was in Publishers Weekly newsletter. I’m just happy there is a good picture of the horse jumper that Hope painted for me.

Anywhoodle so everyone keep their fingers crossed that today is delay free. I am flying through DC rather than Chicago so that is always a good start to arriving on time.

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