Venus is an awesome zine.

I feel a special bond with Venus Zine for a lot of reasons. Back when Jenny, Tina and I could only afford an ad that was split three ways a black and white one in Venus before it was a color magazine was our first endeavor. I used to write for them quite a bit with music reviews and even an article on dating a musician. Their readers are nice enough to vote for me in the Hott List. I need to start advertising in there again because Venus is an awesome magazine. I just got the spring 2007 issue this weekend with Feist on the cover and flipped through it in bed last night. Here are 4 things that made me happy about the latest issue….

1) On pg. 17 is a full page story on the Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. One of the highlights of my trip out there last month was this exhibit. Did I mention the two books I scored? Vivienne Westwood and Vivienne Westwood Shoes.

2) On page 18 I was glad to get full page approval for my new overalls I have been sporting. I wasn’t sure if I looked like a total idiot, but according the Venus I’m safe. Here I am in front of my dream car at SXSW.

3) The article on Crafty blogs warmed my heart. They mentioned oodles that I already have linked here, but a few others that are not like: One Hour Craft, A Bird in the Hand (Love Lisa’s art), All Buttoned Up, Angry Chicken, Cathy of California, Love Forever, Posie Gets Cozy, Print + Pattern, Scrumdillydilly, Sew Darn Cute (Jenny is the adorable lady behind Felt Club in LA), Shim and Sons, Super Eggplant and Wee Wonderfuls.

4) Are Crafters the new Pin-Ups on page 74 caught my eye. The article is about the Starlets of Craft Calendar which I blogged about a while back and features the Austin Craft Mafia as January. Other friends like Kathy Cano Murillo of Crafty Chica and my current Etsy obsession Made With Love By Hannah. The lovely ladies of I.C.E. (Indie Craft Experience) put it out.

So if you haven’t already run right out and pick yourself up a copy of Venus. It makes for a good read.

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