Vaseline and hair no mixy-mixy

Holy Moly have I busted booty and updated Naughty Secretary Club like crazy today. I don’t even know where to start with what to tell you about first.

After I saw Naughty Secretary Club’s Prissy necklace in Cosmo Girl yesterday it reminded me I had another style of Prissy, Prissy Dee-Luxe I had never added to the web site. That’s not all I added two other Nouveau Necklaces while I was there.

In other necklace news I added two new styles to Nostalgic Notions Necklaces. I imagine the zodiacs are going to sell out quick. I only have a couple of each sign and Libra is already gone. I kept one for me and then I gave one to my wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles. They match the Zodiac Cuff bracelets perfectly. I love those bracelets, but my wholesaler keeps giving me the run around on getting more of the cuffs so they may soon be extinct.

The necklace news does not stop there, oh no. I also added 3 new options in Revamped Vintage Necklaces. I have tons to add, but I wanted to get my black options up for fall.

Necklaces are not the only revamp section that got an infusion of goodies. 3 new Revamped Vintage Bracelets. Including an all black version of the Cha Cha bracelet that I might decide to keep for myself I love it so much. I have a matching necklace for it too that I have not quite gotten up on the site yet. These cha cha bracelets are kind of tricky to photograph. They look good, but they look really awesome in person. I wear one almost everyday and always get asked about it.

Revamped Vintage Rings also got updated. I had made a bunch to wear on Craft Lab since you get to see my hands a lot on TV. So now they are all up on the web site. I think there are like 20 plus of them. Last weekend at Roundtop I got the mother load of cute buttons and such to make a whole new batch of rings with. Brace yourself I have deers, pirates and lime green anchors coming your way.

I snuck in one more Revamped Vintage pair of Earrings. These are a really awesome coral and brown pair that I am quite smitten on.

Two new styles of Nostalgic Notions Earrings are making their debut. I like Hot Blooded because they are made with little Thermometers. Did you catch my whole Foreigner peppered description? Have I ever told you how much I hate that song “I Wanna Know What Love Is”? I hate it with the fiery passions of hell actually.

I don’t want your hair to feel left out so there are 3 new options of Hair Goodies. Choose from flowers, hoopty rides or Chariots of Fire. What? Ya really.

I told you it was a lot of stuff.

I also spent a lot of the day looking at at pictures of the runway shows from spring 2006. I have to say so far I am bored to tears. Carolina Herrera had some lovely detail in some of her things, the wedges at Chloe are amazing and I am in love with Brasso and Brooke who I have never seen before today. Mind you I didn’t make it through all the pictures yet, I’ll keep you posted on what else I like. Wanna know what I hate? The hair at Alexander McQueen. Man he sold out, his stuff used to be really interesting. I digress; the hair on his models was awful and slimey. Reminded me of the time in third grade I put Vaseline in my hair thinking it would be a great deep conditioner. Took months for that crap to come out. The whole time my mother making me wash my hair with stuff like vinegar and laundry detergent. The models hair looked down right slimy.

I talked to a nice gal at Elle Girl today and did an interview about Naughty Secretary Club, Stitch and the Austin Craft Mafia. I’ll keep you posted on when it goes live. It is for Elle

I need to go play outfit party now. My boxes of clothing I bought off the stylist in LA finally arrived. Hooray! I am going to see Cory’s documentary at Beer land tonight. There could be karoke involved (can I do it without Lisa and Nicole?) I stayed home last night. Man did Hotel Rwanda get me all riled up. I hate mean and cruel people. Chris says I am addicted to movies about travesties of justice and this was definitely one. I knew that had happened, but I did not know about the differences between the Hutu and the Tootsies. Stupid people in a mob mentality scare me. Reminds me from my days in college getting my psych degree and all learning all the studies people like Stanley Milgrim did about how people get pressured into doing things, awful things, with social peer pressure. I can’t believe all those people were that cruel and awful there was just some crazy weird tipping point with everyone that made things go nuts there. Similar situations have happened before and will happen again and they are always really disturbing and scary. Makes me want to move out into the mountains and be a hermit. Here, this is a sweet news story that I read to make us both feel better.

8-Year-Old Girl Sends Tooth to Red Cross
BRANDON, S.D. – An 8-year-old girl with a big heart and loose tooth found a creative way to help people displaced by the hurricanes.

Briton Nordmeyer sent her tooth to the Red Cross chapter in Sioux Falls, hoping the tooth fairy would leave money there instead of under her pillow.

The tooth poked a hole through the envelope and fell out, but her letter made it.

And after word spread of her generosity, a $500 check came in from an anonymous donor.

Briton had told her mother she wanted to do something for the children who lost everything.

“It’s really nice to help them get new food, homes, schools, toys, lots of stuff to help them,” Briton said.

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