Holy balls are my dogs barking and am I pooped. Did I mention the totally unsupportive shoes I wear everyday. See the thing is I can’t wear my heels, which are really comfy platforms, almost all of them. My guests seem to have a tendency to be on the wee bit short side so it is flats city for me everyday. Well the main flats I have are two different variations of these cheap old navy sequined flats with absolutely no support on them. Man is old navy getting a free plug out of this show, but I have to say standing for 12 hours a day in those shoes is not fun.

Today was my first day back at work after a long relaxing weekend. Every day this week, including today, I have 4 episodes a day to shoot. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me. I started fading a bit on show 4 today so I am going to have an early night tonight and get rested up for tomorrow. I have a pizza called into room service as I type.

So today on Craft Lab I made boudoir dolls, torched metal, made paper and chatted about altered books. It was a total array of crafty goodness. Tomorrow my mom gets here so I am pumped to see her. 3 more full days, 12 episodes I can do this.

To make matters sadder about still being in LA after 5 weeks it is my 2 year wedding anniversary. Poor Chris he is the most understanding husband of all time. At least he got to be here in LA with me for his birthday. That sweetie had yellow roses delivered to the studio today. My sorry butt didn’t even send a card. I’ll take him out for a fun dinner or something when I get back to Austin.

Whine whine whine. I think I am going to miss the busy days and aching feet so much when I get home. Will I even remember how to put on my own make up? Will I be able to drink my diet coke without a lip stick saving straw? Who is going to tell me to crank up the perk-o-meter on the days I feel poopie? The toilet paper back home will not be folded into little triangles everyday. It’s going to be a lot of adjusting.

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