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I’m back and I’m still obsessively shopping at Tuesday Morning to decorate my new digs. Last week I shared my kilim rug, brass lamp and slew of animal print throw pillows that would make any Real Housewife of NJ green with envy. Today I have a few more sneak peaks showcasing some of my favorite discount store items. Do you have a Tuesday Morning in your town? Run, don’t walk if you do.

I have black leather couches. Before I moved we were no longer friends and on the verge of breaking up. After a trip to Tuesday Morning we are starting to work things out. Think of this amazing quilt as a type of marriage counselor. This colorful quilt I scored for like $30 bucks is helping me mend my relationship with the black couches. Mostly by hiding the couch, but don’t tell the couch that. I love the rich colors, patchwork look and white stitching. It’s reversible too!

This summer I picked up several fun pool and patio items at Tuesday Morning. These chair cushions for example. I love the bright colors. Pool toys are 70% off so I just swashbuckled a pirate ship for my kids. Oh and there was also that water aerobics set I bought that I have yet to use, but we are not talking about that.

Everyone has their vices. Mine just so happens to be Halloween decorations. Tuesday Morning is a create place to score holiday goodies. The little owl, sparkly green house and giant black cat atop my china cabinet all came from Tuesday Morning. They already have rows of Christmas decor calling my name too!

I’m always on the lookout for cute ways to corral my kids toys. Stylish storage bins seem to be rare and elusive. I wrote an entire post about it for BlogHer. My heart strings were tugged when I saw this black and white bin at Tuesday Morning. The polka dot print gives a nod to Ikat and animal print. Two of my favorites.

I’m a thrifter, a saver, a discount shopper. It comes from being raised in the aisles of flea markets as my parents shopped for antiques to fill their Victorian home with. As an adult it kills me to pay full price for anything. Plus going to a department store is like shooting fish in a barrel. I love the thrill of the hunt with stores like Tuesday Morning. I may not score every time I go, but when I score I score big!

***I was compensated for this post. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free awesome stuff?***

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  1. vintage honeybee

    tuesday morning is my favorite store. There is an outlet version by my lake house that I love to frequent. I've learned that if you like something that you better snag it because if won't be there later if your even thinking about mulling it over. Your house if beautiful.



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