Trophies Galore

Yesterday was my first time in a thrift store in a long time. If you have seen pictures of my house or ever been inside you know that we are petty much at maximum capacity and if something comes in something else has to go. Well yesterday Vickie talked me into swinging by one since she was looking for plates for her wedding and towels for one of her writing projects for Kiwi magazine. As she perused plates I found the mother load of trophy toppers. Bags of bright shiny gold guys on motorbikes and even a few in a karate pose. My favorite might be the one for the 5th place prize. Sure there is no room in my house for these (I already have a collection of bowling trophies) but there is room in my garden. We just put gravel down in the garden so I think I am going to strategically place all the trophy toppers around among the cactus and succulents. My one issue is will it be too much with all the garden gnomes already in place. Can trophies and gnomes live in aesthetic harmony together? We’ll find out this weekend and I’ll keep you posted on these hot burning issues.

This week on Craft Lab you can learn about fun stuff like spa gifts for men and making wire dolls. In 5 minutes catch a member of the Richmond Craft Mafia and I doing some copper etching of an adorable weenie dog. Weekday at 11am Central on DIY Network. On the same network on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm watch the Austin Craft Mafia and I on Stylielicious. Today is Outerwear with Jesse, Karly and I plus a special visit to our friend Chia’s house. Thursday is Accessories with Hope, Jesse and I. I’m gonna teach you how to make chop sticks into hair accessories. While we are on the TV subject Vickie and I got a copy of the Inside the Craft and Hobby Show yesterday that we watched. I had to hide behind a blanket because I still cringe when I watch myself on TV. Vickie even said to me at one point “Are you doing OK, do we need to turn this off”. It’s like when you were a kid and would tape record yourself and then play it back and thought “I don’t really sound like that do I?”. Maybe one day it will get easier.

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