Touchdown Los Angeles

My trip to Los Angeles started with a cancelled flight, which is never good. I finally got to Dallas where I got a flight to LA. I had to sit on the very back row which sucked, but the interesting thing was that Carmen Electra and her boyfriend sat in the seats next to me. She seemed very nice and complimented my Runways T-shirt. The worst part about it is that I had a window seat and I feel guilty enough asking anyone to get up so I can get out and go to the bathroom. Somehow when it is someone famous it becomes even more nerve wracking so I just waited until we got to the airport. Silly I know.

The second most exciting part about my day was the fact that my hotel room is badassical. I am on the 17th floor and have a balcony on one side of the room and a huge private sun porch on the other. Amazing views of the city and I overlook the Fox Studios. I took some pictures to prove it. Today will be a long day I have the BEA convention and dinner at Spagos with F&W executives. I’ll twitter updates throughout the day and take lots of pictures!

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  1. marimello

    OOOOO I saw you! Bee-ee-yay! ANyway why is it that I have been here for um 8 years and you are here for five minutes and already you have more experience with the stars?
    Anyway lovely meeting you in person finally!


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