Touchdown Knoxville

Got to Knoxille today safe and sound. Gearing up for a long week of filming Halloween episodes for I have spent the entire evening reading scripts and watching Law and Order. Oh and I walked over to Olive Garden all by lonesome for dinner. It felt kind of pitiful at a table for one. I need to jump into bed and get my beauty sleep, I’ll keep you posted on how the shoots go!

7 Responses to “Touchdown Knoxville”

  1. AmyDe

    Smiles to you and best wishes too! I LOVE Knoxville – it has family nostalgia for me and I am always thrilled as we drive in to pass the giant HGTV building beside the interstate. How cool that you are sich a big part of that! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  2. jodie

    sorry you had to eat dinner by your lonesome…that is always weird when you’re used to having family or friends around most of the time! i’m sure your shoots will be great – i am seriously jealous of your life, dude. good luck this week! 🙂

    oh! i blogged about your site and book today! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Hey Morgan looking forward to dinner, it will be nice to meet some of the extended famila.

    Amyde I was in that building just today. I had never been there so it was pretty exciting. I meant to get my picture taken out front, but forgot.

    Marilyn think umbrellas converted into octopi with little girls tights and remeber my wee little head band blog entry?

    Jodie i can’t


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