Torched Metal Clay on Craft Lab

Not that I don’t love every single episode of Craft Lab the exact same, but I have to say I get particularly excited on the episodes where I learn something that relates to jewelry. Tuesday’s episode entitled “Torched Metal Clay” with Cathi Milligan is one of those episodes. First of all Cathi is an amazing glass bead designer (check out her website Bead Brains). On this episode Cathi and I use precious metal clay to make sacred heart belt buckles and matching button covers. Fun stuff. Also on this episode you might recognize one of the guest crafters, Erin Murphy. Erin was Tabitha Stephens on Bewitched. Erin and I had been partners a year earlier at a hosting boot camp in Los Angeles and when she read the listing on Craig’s List that Craft Lab was looking for guest crafters she recognized my name and came out to say hello and get crafty. Also this week look for repeats of fun episodes like All That Glitters with Kathy Cano Murillo and my hubby Chris as a guest crafter and Painting with Crayons with Traci Bautista.

In other news it has been a long weekend. Thursday was spent going to the Stitch after party at Saba, which then turned into a quick trip to Qua to see the shark tank dance floor, then over to the opening party of Pangea, over to Whiskey Bar and then closed things down at Beauty Bar. For a girl who rarely goes out anymore, it was a long night. Friday was spent working and then going out to Smithville to see my in-laws. Saturday was more working and starting to move into my new studio. I’ll post pictures soon of everything. Saturday night was the Team Fabrication fashion show at Mohawk so I was downtown and out late yet again. Here we are at Sunday and I really want to lay around but I’m being a good girl and blogging to you, working on my book (just finished 2 projects and a blog list) and adding new goodies to Naughty Secretary Club. I have to go out yet again tonight for the annual Thanksgiving pot luck at my friends Matt and Courtney’s house. It is always tons of fun and if I had not gone out for the past 3 nights in a row I would be much more excited. Between then and now I want to write another project or 2 for the book and move some more things into my new studio so I best scoot.

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